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Re: them not telling you about stuff so they won't "put ideas in your head" - YES!

they acted like they'd never HEARD of taxotere causing bone pain! They never HEARD of a cancer patient needing more than tylenol! After my first (male) onco told me to "man up" I fired his Syrian ass and got a female onco. She was MUCH nicer and sympathetic but still, after about four taxotere treatments when the tumor was BIGGER instead of smaller and I COULD TELL IT WAS she and the nurse were all like, "oh, no, no, it's just that different doctor's measure things differently," YEAH. RIGHT. But, see, I was so dependent upon them for meds and treatment I let them LIE TO MY FACE. Plus, they never said, by the by, you'll go right into menopause, too!

Really - whole thing pissed me off. I drank vodka straight thru my cancer and guess what? Out of my clinical sample, I"m the only one who ended up with a complete negative post surgery. HA! I think the booze dried me out and made the medicine work more effectively. BUT DON"T TRY IT YOURSELF! You'll only regret the hell out of it.

I'm a professional drinker.
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