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Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post
Tonight's check-in was interesting

She's on the nest as usual, and suddenly positions herself differently and lets out a few loud screeches. A similar screech is heard in the distance. She then answers it.

It took him about a minute to arrive. They are near-identical, but he's a little larger. They exchange places on the eggs.

Both male and female parent birbs have a procedure, with the eggs. They don't just plop right down on them. They examine the eggs, nudge them around a little. They do a little housekeeping of the interior sitting zone.

Then they "nestle in" with the eggs. It's a whole big thing, every time. They get into position, and then they reach for the far side of the nest with the beak, and really pull their body into place. Then they do a cute rocking back n forth for about 5-10 seconds, to get the eggs into a solid position under their belly area.

There are about 10 other decent eagle cams out there, but this is actually the best one, with both regular and IR in high def (even with the smudge). And the best birbs. These are really good looking birbs.

Apparently one of 'em got a chipmunk.
I'm jealous. I'd really like to see both birbs at the same time, but every time I tune in, it's just one or the other on the nest. Guess I need to check in more often.
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