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Originally Posted by Urbane Guerrilla
George W is not by any reasonable definition a power perv. He's a limited-government man trying to fight a war. ...
George W is limited, all right, you and I agree on that. But demonstrate some "limited-government" position he champions. Oh, limited taxation, irrespective of unlimited spending, ok. Wait, limits on Congress' authority to decide what the laws are and limits on what they should know, sure. And there are those limits on what cases the Supreme Court should be able to hear, I forgot about them.

I guess you're right UG, W is all about limited government. But he is the puppet of the power pervs using the strategies listed above to further unbalance our nation's three part system of government in the favor of the unitary executive. But the fubar Iraqi adventure is just a distraction, like the flash powder from the magician's left hand while he pockets the prize with his right.

The real war is here at home. Where our Constitution is attacked and our civil liberties are the casualties. Where the co-equal branches of government are besieged and the citizens are prisoners, suspects, subjects of investigation. All under the color of authority. "Dissent is unpatriotic" you scream. Come a little closer, ok? FUCK YOU.

Hey, really, I'm not talking to you to persuade you. I have long since concluded that your mind, which may or may not be open, is so firmly sealed up your butt that nothing can get in. Fine. You're more useful as a negative example anyway.
Be Just and Fear Not.
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