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My point being, we're not. This is a process for seeing who you don't search. I have a hard time seeing it as all the way unreasonable. Note, too, that this thing is constructed to do you precisely no harm -- at least, if you're not the kind of guy who showers in a suicide belt and masturbates to the idea of dead Americans because they aren't Moslem enough to suit you. Our enemies are emotionally driven by religious bigotry, remember.

One thing you will have to understand about me: I want us to win this war with the Islamofascists so thoroughly that anything but democracy will be unsatisfactory from now on to the entire Islamic world -- with the antidemocrats, slavemakers, and power pervs all rotting in the ground or making vultures and blackbacked jackals fat and torpid.

George W is not by any reasonable definition a power perv. He's a limited-government man trying to fight a war. His legal position would be simpler had Congress been moved to declare a state of war, as this simplifies matters for the Executive Branch to direct the war effort. However, since formal declaration of war struck everyone involved as disjunct, out of proportion, you have this "do whatcha gotta" Congressional resolution in its stead -- which seems to be taken by some damn fools on the Hill as license to see to it that he can't. The record shows most of these fools are Democrats.
Wanna stop school shootings? End Gun-Free Zones, of course.
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