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Time Magazine's Michael Ware is (I believe) an Australian who runs the Baghdad Bureau. His insight and his regular contacts with the three different types of insurgents is far more revealing than news summaries. It clearly supplements and expands on what xoxoxoBruce posted in his CNN / West Point article.

For example, Brits basically negotiated for control of the few Iraq provinces they are responsible for. Learn who took control before Americans and Brits got there. Not reported is that the Brits don't even try to control one of their four provinces. Appreciate how many different insurgencies control what, how inspired they are, and how difficult it is to fight an enemy that simply hits and runs. Of the so many accounts that are based in actual face to face interviews, Michael Ware is the "must read".
INSIDE THE INSURGENCY from PBS Frontline of 21 Feb 2006.
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