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The night before last at 2340 my iPad pinged a warning that the ISS was about to appear.
I was wide awake so I thought I'd make the effort.
However, when I looked out of the back window I saw a pair of Badgers and three cubs on the lawn which I watched for ten or twelve minutes so the space station had to take a back seat.
Annoyingly, Sod's Law struck and for the first time in ages I'd placed the camera in a different spot which meant that it didn't capture them all in one frame.
I'm pleased to say that in the early hours of this morning mum + three turned up.
They triggered the camera on several occasions but the youngsters move quickly and images are often blurred.
This one isn't perfect but it's not bad.

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I've been leaving out food for these creatures every night for three years but it's the first year I've ever seen cubs either in the flesh or on camera.
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