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Originally Posted by Clodfobble View Post
Is it that you just go to jail long enough for them to figure out what the unlabeled pills really are, or are you saying it is illegal to drive with an otherwise perfectly legal prescription outside of its orange bottle?
Here, in KY, if you have a legal scrip, even for penicillin, and the pills are not in the prescription bottle that is marked with all the prescriptiony info on the label, and the police find out (doesn't matter if you're driving, riding a bicycle, or walking), you'll be charged with "prescription drug not in proper container".

Scenario: You're driving and run a stop sign, Barney Fife pulls you over. Barney goes through all the bullshit, and while you're pulling your ID/wallet outta your purse a Xanax tablet (for which you have a legal prescription) falls out and bounces across the hood. You're going to enjoy the hospitality of the county jail. Not just until they find out if you have a legal scrip, but, until you make bail. And go to court, and be sentenced, and do time for having a prescription drug not in it's proper container.

Now, if you're digging out your ID, and a prescription bottle of Xanax falls out and bounces across the hood, as long as it's a legit scrip, you're golden. (Unless, in the case of Xanax, or some such, you admit to driving under it's influence.)

If you have a loose pill, and a legit scrip, bottle and all,, sometimes the cop will let you slide.

If the bottle is at home, you're in trouble.

ETA: One of these won't help, either.

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(Well, maybe with a verrrrry understanding popo. But, I doubt it.)

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