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I live in an odd little section of the county - roughly five square miles - that doesn't have to do emission checks. I have no idea why this particular area is exempt (neither did the lady at the licensing office last time I renewed my tags), but I'm not complaining. Of course, they don't TELL you this when you move here. I only found out after I mentioned to a neighbor that I just did the emissions test on my truck, and she asked, "Why would you do that?" I replied, "Because they sent me a paper that said I had to." She grinned and said, "They lie."

The pain in the ass is, when emission testing time rolls around every few years, I can't renew online; I have to go in to the licensing office and personally tell them that I live in the exempt area. Why they can't put this info into their software is beyond me.

And what are these window stickers you people speak of? The only thing I get when I renew my licensing is a little sticker that goes on the rear license plate.
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