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Mar 5th, 2016: Hole-In-One

If Trump is elected I know where I'm NOT moving... England.

This dude, Jake Warner, hit a hole in one from the 12th tee, during a charity tournament at his local country club.
He immediately had his picture taken with this car, a five door, 1.4TDi Vauxhall Corsa which sells for £14,000($19,821),
which was sitting there just like the photograph, next to the 12th tee.

Party hearty Jake! But when he went to the dealership they said he was only getting a three door, basic 1 litre car,
with no air conditioning and no alloys, because the country club was only insured for £8,000($11,326).
So Jake says, Hey Club, WTF? Club says, fuck you. Whaaaaat?
He shows the picture to a lawyer who says he has a ‘very good case’, so they go to court.

The Club’s lawyer says, he doesn’t get the nice car because he didn’t see it before he started the round.
The fucking Judge (who I’ll bet belongs to the Club) agreed.
Well duh, the car was displayed at the 12th tee, and he did hit the Ace from the 12th.

So after all the legal costs and last minute settlements with the club have been taken into consideration he has
been left him £3,200($4532) in debt, plus banned from the Club. Probably so he won’t run into the Judge.

It doesn't say but I suspect part of that £3,200 is him chipping in to upgrade to a better car.

So nope, if Trump wins England is right out.
The descent of man ~ Nixon, Friedman, Reagan, Trump.
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