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I'm inclined to think it was an intentional act but only known to the performers and possibly MTV (unlikely).
For one thing this is the first time in years i've seen or heard from Janet Jackson and if Timberlake had a concert in my backyard i'd shut the curtains. As they say in showbiz, there's no such thing as bad publicity.
A little extreme, to be sure, but very, very, effective.
As for the costume, it just fell apart. From memory there was a black leather/vinyl cup arrancement over some kind of red fabric.
It defies logic for the red fabric to be attached to the cup as an independent unit rather than as part of a blousy thing.
I have seen the footage a couple of times now and can find no sign of torn fabric which would surely rip rather than detatching whole.
Finally, if i was setting something up like this, i'd probably run the 'startled cover up' routine just in case it backfired and I needed an out
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