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The cops in Miami-Dade County park badly.

For the past six months, Glen Carr has been waging a one-man war on cops who flout parking laws. He hasn't struggled to find scofflaws. Every morning, he walks from his downtown apartment to the Metromover stop outside the courthouse. And nearly every day, he documents a half-dozen police cars hanging out in illegal spots. Since August, Carr has sent at least 125 complaints, with photographs and details of where and when he found the illegally parked vehicles, to departments around Miami-Dade County. He's been berated by some officers, ignored by internal affairs investigators, and, more recently, validated by the independent Civilian Investigative Panel (CIP), which ruled that 15 Miami Police Department cops had broken regulations.
He says he's trying to help them become better police officers and stop letting each slide.

But Carr is far from a bomb-throwing, anti-cop anarchist. He's an active-duty Army major working toward an MBA at the University of Miami who says he just wants police to follow the rules like everyone else.
"It's not like I'm against them. I just want them to be better at what they do," Carr says. "I feel they don't hold each other accountable."
Carr grew up in Montana and attended Montana State University for two years before he dropped out to join the Army. "I decided to join the military to finish my degree in there," he says.
He specialized in logistics, serving in Colorado, Georgia, and Alaska before being deployed to Afghanistan in 2002. He served nine months at Forward Operating Base Salerno, a remote, battle-scarred base near the Pakistan border that later gained fame when former NFL star Pat Tillman was killed there by friendly fire in 2004. "It was a rough assignment just a few months after 9/11," Carr says.
But he loved his work in the Army. He returned to the United States to train as an officer at Fort Bragg, where he joined the 82nd Airborne Division and spent seven years "jumping out of planes," he says. He later served two stints in Iraq and an assignment at the Pentagon.
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