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Just reaching out because life is very rough right now

I just need to tell someone. I really need to walk to a friend's house and let loose but I can't because coronavirus and I can't because I don't have many friends of that sort because I'm just not that type of person. My one friend who I really could talk to is completely uncontactable right now, my other main option is stereotypical baby-boomer re cv (won't practice social distancing or preventative hygiene) but also sympathizes by telling me how things could be worse and how bad their life is. As a "head up, plow on" kind of a person, if/when I do finally admit things are getting to me, this is unhelpful at best. They mean well but.... And the third person has their own battle and is travelling out of town to deal with it. I don't want to burden my other friends via messaging platforms any more. They have enough stresses of their own already and when a friend reaches out in that way mostly it just makes you feel helpless and I certainly don't want to do that to anyone -I want to still be friends when all this is over, not awkward acquaintances.

OK, I think I'm done. It's rough, is all. thanks very much, you've been a lovely audience, I'll see you all same place next crisis.
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