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We now know the White House was first informed of this threat in November. All intelligence agencies put that memo on Trumps desk on 12 Jan accurately putting that threat in perspective. The scumbag denied it constantly until late-March when, by that time, it was too late. Even Dr Fauci (in Jama) was stating quite clearly how severe this pandemic would be - in January.

We know who are brainwashed by Fox and other extremist propaganda machines. Even late in March, adults who are still children were reciting those Fox News, et al lies. Claiming Covid-19 was just another flu - no more serious than a common cold. Claiming Covid-19 was a conspiracy. Some adults must be ordered what to believe - cannot think for themselves.

Fortunately America has some adults who are adults. Governors took responsibility and instituted what was necessary to protect the lives of health care workers - doctors and nurses. Otherwise nothing would have been done.

A president with a 30 second attention spam even endorsed bogus drugs to cure Coronavirus - as if that solution was also on the shelves of GNC. The scumbag said that lie too many times to count. Dr Fauci said those solutions do not exist. Probably due to his 30 second attention span (that communists love from their leader), a scumbag ignored it.

He even promoted his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as his front man to solve this problem. How many extremists conveniently forgot that.

Dr Fauci accurately confirmed that a lockdown and social distancing was strongly recommended twice - in February. As the New York Times accurately reported. (And extremists are now denying.) Many promoters of this scumbag president (worse than George Jr) were denying this threat. Because their news sources are a credible as 1960 Radio Moscow. Because the president kept lying. Because only extremists would believe those lies. And deny what Dr Fauci, Dr Kadlec and others bluntly recommended.

So Trump lies again tweeting
the Fake News Opposition Party is pushing, with all their might, the fact that President Trump ‘ignored early warnings about the threat’.
At what point does an extremist finally admit the scumbag is a relentless liar? IOW at what point do extremists finally do what 'adults who are adults' do? Grasp reality.

Meanwhile another anti-America (because he lies constantly), Hannity, said we should thank Trump for protected lives. One small problem. Trump refused to do what even his top doctors strongly recommended. Hannity's job is to lie to communists (people who love despots and kings) who wait to be told what to think.

White House spokesman Judd Deere said Trump
took bold action to protect Americans and unleash the full power of the federal government to curb the spread of the virus, expand testing capacities, and expedite vaccine development when we had no true idea the level of transmission or asymptomatic spread.
Of course, that also was a lie.

The White House Rose Garden news conference last month is when he said plenty of test kits will be available, the government will provide necessary protective materials and ventilators, and even Google will have necessary software next week. Google immediately said no such software exists or will exist for months. Only six testing sites were setup up in the entire country. Including none in Target - who did not even know that Trump said they would participate. Almost everything he said in that press conference is clearly a lie - to promote the scumbag.

But then he is only lying to 'adults who are children'. Who will now forget that he lied then repeatedly - as a monotonous liar always does.

Even the Guardian (from London) cites the source of this and future problems.
This administration has cleared out science and scientists across all departments.
Trump is smarter than the generals, governors, diplomats, and scientists. Why? Because so many anti-Americans still refuse to mock and insult the scumbag. Because extremists, even in the Cellar, remain 'adults who are still children'. With a classic communist attitude. They worship Trump as a god. The could not see a false idol even if thousands of American lives (especially doctors and nurses) are massacred for no purpose. (Who also did that?)

We don't need them doctors and nurses. They make decisions based in science. So they must be fake news. And therefore are evil. A president with a 30 second attention span is smarter than doctors and nurses. It is only a matter of time before he also admits that.

Dr Fauci could not state honesty on Fox News. So he said it on CNN. Then a "30 second attention span" tweeted about firing Fauci. Since Fauci was disloyal; Fauci told the truth. That is fake news. A scumbag now denies he tweeted that firing threat. No problem. His extremist disciples always believe what the scumbag says - even when he is lying - like any good communist would do.

The central committee tells communist what to believe.

Never forget when extremists news sources finally admitted a truth. Obviously a president's 30 second attention spam and inflated ego makes it impossible to become a responsible leader. Fortunately the US has patriotic American governors who took over when the anti-American president refused to.

Those are not insults. Those are facts repeatedly demonstrated even by a Covid-19 crisis.

Now the scumbag is claiming he is a king - just like Nixon did when he was overtly lying about Watergate. Evil kings and presidents routinely lie. Especially one with a 30 second attention span.

Trump wants to restart the pandemic. Since he fears how this economic malaise - made worse by ignoring adults who are adults - will cause even extremists to admit he is a buffon. So he will order all Governors to throw gasoline on the fire. Governors, acting as adults, defined it that accurately. The Governors will decide when facts (not a child) says it is time to go back.

Only Governors did this shutdown - not Trump. Governors will decide (as adults) when it is safe to (and how many can) go back. The president, acting as a king in a nursery rhyme, thinks only he is smart enough to make such decisions. Since that 'adult who is still a child' uses emotions and his 30 second attention span to be the only expert.

Amazing how anti-Americans still do not disparage this scumbag. But then some adults are still children - use emotions like a lemming to run off a cliff.

As Rush Limbaugh told adult children, the news is too complicated. Rush said he will tell us what to think. Another mouse piece for our glorious leader (who also praises Kim for being his kind of extremist) - whose 30 second attention span makes him smarter than everyone else.
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