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Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post
Not the chargers, the cars; the cars know how much juice they need and stuff
No matter how, they're all turned on at once.
I wouldn't have one as the only household vehicle. But I did look at the number of times I actually drove 250* miles in one shot over the last 3 years, and it was one time. Hmm.
Your mileage may vary!
My mileage varies.
That's a wash, because an EV doesn't have a wildly complicated cooling system, alternator, transmission, fuel+oil level/quality/pump/filtering and everything else that can fail in the middle of a trip.
None of those things are a problem with proper maintenance, and that's something that anyone can do themselves pretty cheap. But if one of those things pops up on the road it can usually be repaired or jerry rigged to get you going with a few simple tools, duct tape clamps, hose, wire, etc. When your Tesla dies in the middle of east bumfuck what next?
*standard range Model 3, if charged to 100%. (Long range Model 3 = 322 miles)
Yeah, like the sticker on the widow that says how many miles per gallon you'll get. "Your mileage may vary"

Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post
Just finished that and got on the phone with J, she decided to only fill her car up halfway because the only available gas station is in a terrible area of the city.
Lack of available gas stations? She must be running on fumes. Half a tank doesn't help because the exposure is stopping at all. Oh,and tell her running it below an eighth of a tank in winter and a third of a tank in summer can kill a fuel pump.

Originally Posted by Happy Monkey View Post
My employer has parking structures with a few chargers. With more demand, a few can turn into many.
Parking structure? Like a garage? I'd say your employer is definitely in the minority. I wonder if the garage in NYC that charge $2,000 a month(including tax) have chargers?
I don't think there's anything magical about driving exactly 30 miles a day. If 30 is the average, then there's a lot of people driving less.
No it's not magical but I question first of all if it's realistic, and secondly if it should be used used to make decisions of practicality.
But I will say, as much as I support Tesla, I'd only get an electric car if I did have a garage with a 220 volt charger. Maybe in 20 years you'll be able to plug into a lamppost, but getting charging done when I have street parking would be way too much of a hassle.
Plug into lamppost with a credit card? Yeah that would work except between lampposts, and you know the fat bastard next door always parks his gasoline car next to the damn post.
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