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the chargers have a timer to turn them on at midnight
Not the chargers, the cars; the cars know how much juice they need and stuff

Remember what happens to the city water pressure at superbowl halftime?
That's an urban myth actually!

hope you don't get caught in traffic
An EV doesn't use fuel when caught in traffic, except for as you said, AC and heat and such.

I wouldn't have one as the only household vehicle. But I did look at the number of times I actually drove 250* miles in one shot over the last 3 years, and it was one time. Hmm.

Your mileage may vary!

I do not want a car that isn't available when I need/want it.
That's a wash, because an EV doesn't have a wildly complicated cooling system, alternator, transmission, fuel+oil level/quality/pump/filtering and everything else that can fail in the middle of a trip.

*standard range Model 3, if charged to 100%. (Long range Model 3 = 322 miles)
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