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Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post
If the cars charge at work, during the day, that will be a problem.
You gotta be kidding me, nobody I ever worked for would stand for that. Parking lots would look like drive in movies or the lots at the U of Alaska, Fairbanks.

But if they charge after midnight, when usage is down, it won't require any additional infrastructure at all, because all the charging will be off peak.
I love you. Not now honey, it's midnight I have to go plug in the car.
No, they'll plug it in when they get home at 6 PM in case they have to run out during the evening and need those extra miles, and that's peak time. I'm betting damn few would be happy with 110 volt chargers.
Oh but the chargers have a timer to turn them on at midnight. Great, now everyone on the block turns them on at the same time. Remember what happens to the city water pressure at superbowl halftime?
But also, home electricity usage is down like 8% in the last decade. We keep on installing energy-efficient lighting and appliances and heaters. For decades and decades, we added more electrical infrastructure because people used more energy every year; but in developed countries, usage has flattened and/or fallen in the last 20 years.
This is true, baby steps in efficiency have added up. Now everyone on the block adds a power hog and the lines start to glow in the dark. Amperage up, resistance up, voltage down.
The reason people need 240v chargers is that they want to charge quickly. But the average driver can get enough charge overnight on a 120v outlet. (On 120v, it only charges about 3 miles/hour, but the average car is only driven 30 miles/day.)
The average driver only exists on paper. Plus there's a lot of houses with several drivers and either several vehicles or the vehicles are driven at all hours. That doesn't work with 110 volt chargers.

A couple years back Philadelphia Electric Company did away with off peak rates, I wonder if other electric suppliers have also?

Yeah glatt, and hope you don't get caught in traffic, plus wear your long underwear in winter, bathing suit in summer, because the heater/AC draws too much juice.
I do not want a car that isn't available when I need/want it.
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