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Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post
The reason people need 240v chargers is that they want to charge quickly. But the average driver can get enough charge overnight on a 120v outlet. (On 120v, it only charges about 3 miles/hour, but the average car is only driven 30 miles/day.)
I wonder how much of an electric car's cost is in the battery, and if providing a battery that is roughly one tenth the capacity of a typical Tesla but is still able to get the average person to work and back would be of interest to anyone. If it was cheap enough, it might be.

I like to take road trips some times and want a 300 mile range, but if I had a second commuter car, I might be happy with a 30 mile range on that one if it was cheap enough.

*considers it for a bit*

Nah. I would want a 300 mile range, just in case.
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