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In the course of doing their jobs, cops are required to appear at the courthouse. There is obviously not enough parking available at the courthouse. Have you ever been to a courthouse? There is NEVER enough parking.

So the solution to really address the issue is to reserve a bunch of spots for cops. And if you really want to make sure it never happens again, there have to be a lot of those spots. Those "cops only" spots will be taken from the general public. I would be much more upset if I had business at the courthouse but was unable to get there because there is no available parking than I would be if I was able to find a spot, but walked past a bunch of scofflaw cops as I entered the building.

Maybe they should build a $50 Million parking garage and give the cops and other city administrators the first floor.

Now, I am not familiar with downtown Miami. Maybe there is already a parking garage and there are plenty of reserved spots for cops, and they park illegally anyway. If that's the case, fire them.
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