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Trying to find some old cartoons/artwork.

This is an admission of failure that is years long.
I am pretty good at internet searches, so this is pissing me off.
What I think I remember;
A series of cartoons (or elaborate drawings, actually) in Playboy Magazine probably 30 or 40 years ago.
I think they were by Shel Silverstein and had theme of applying sayings to people and cars.
They were detailed drawings illustrating such things as "Driving off in a Huff," the Huff being a vehicle.
Another might have been "Storming away in a Purple Haze." Or perhaps a "Towering Rage."
Or "Leaving in a Snit."
You get the idea.
There were a dozen or more and may have spread over several issues.
The whole thing was imaginative and delightful and I saved the issue for years.
Now I can't find them anywhere, but cannot believe I have the wrong publication or artist.

Any and all ideas gratefully accepted.
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