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Free Book Download

Right now you can download The Crooked Letter, Books of the Cataclysm: One, by Sean Williams, in PDF form (1,366kb) for free. No registration, no sign up, no email address, just go to the link and click the download.
Sean Williams is the author of numerous works for adults, young adults, and children, covering new space opera, science fiction thrillers, fantasy, and horror. He has also written for Star Wars and Doctor Who, two franchises he has loved since a child. A winner of the Writers of the Future Contest, recipient of the “SA Great” Literature Award, and a New York Times best seller, he lives with his wife and family in Adelaide, South Australia. You can visit his website at
I'm guessing since this is the first in a series (the next two are already out) the publisher wants to get you hooked on the author's style and interest in the series. That's what libraries are for.
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