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Failing a Nasaump, a pan of properly handled grits in the morning will set you up well.

Avoid instant grits, which taste too much of cardboard; get the "traditional" stuff that takes a while to cook. Generally, stir it into boiling lightly salted water until smoothly mixed, with the heat low. With it having thickened a little, heat off and cover it. Leave it strictly alone, covered, for about twenty minutes for the flavor to develop and the grits to plump up tender. It needs this time to mature and suffuse itself with all the flavor it's got. About 15 minutes on, add a good dollop of butter and quickly cover the pan again, letting the butter melt on the hot grits.

Eat it hot, pretty much immediately. The full flavor is excellent. Sure, it is a bland starch, but done this way it gets to taste like food instead of paper products.
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