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Nov 20th, 2019 : Crosswalks

Peter Gibson aka Roadsworth, up in Canada, is an artist who works on many public space art projects. Heíll tackle most any vertical
or horizontal surface claiming walls and fences are for painting and climbing not separating people.

There are 65 million refugees according to the UN and quite a few from the far cultures of the Earth have made it to Canada.
Gibson thought for the good of everyone crosswalks would be safer if they were more visible. That way motorists would be on the
lookout for immigrants, and the newcomers would know thatís where they should cross

I wonder at what point it becomes more dangerous by distracting drivers and possibly pedestrians, both checking out the art.
At the risk of calling you Shirley, this has to be distracting for at least the fist few hundred times you see it.

Oh yeah, this would sure as hell distract me, and I doubt Iím alone. Run for your lives pedestrians and pedal pushers.

Arret sign? What Arret sign? I didn't see no stinkin' Arret sign!


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