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Originally Posted by Clodfobble View Post
We don't do oatmeal at all. For one, it's a grain, but even before we were grain-free, it's almost impossible to get oats that are not contaminated with gluten, so we didn't do them when we were just gluten-free either. And before THAT... well, I don't actually like oatmeal, so I never ate it.

Studies have shown that eating oatmeal every day can help lower cholesterol, but I personally think that's only because the people eating it were replacing the even worse carbs that they normally ate for breakfast. I think a person who normally ate eggs and fruit for breakfast would not see any improvement in their cholesterol by switching to oatmeal.
That's right, I forgot your household is gluten-free. I had temporary memory loss there because every time I go to HEB, I would pass this long section on the back wall of gluten-free products and think of you.
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