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You just made me salivate myself. Thanks!
It looks amazing and I am definitely going to do that!

I can reciprocate.

Bun and egg breakfast of champions

- bun/muffin/bagel - whatever you like
- butter and oil for a pan
- spoon of butter for a bun
- chives
- two slices of bacon
- two eggs
- slice of cheddar cheese

1. Cut your bun, butter the halves and put it face down on the pan
2. Add two slices of bacon to the pan
3. Break eggs in a bowl, add seasoning (salt and pepper) and whip them with a fork
4. Add a spoon of oil and butter to the pan - wait till it fizzes
5. Pour the eggs on the pan, wait till they start getting solid, fold in half and then fold the half. Put a slice of cheese on the eggs, turn the heat off and cover
6. Take the bacon of the pan
7. Take the buns of the pan
8. Put then lower bun half on the pan, put the egg with cheese on it, add chives, add bacon, cover with upper bun half


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