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You can see blue, because you have a word for it

There's Evidence Humans Didn't Actually See Blue Until Modern Times

And read the whole thing; because halfway through it, they find an African tribe that still doesn't have a word for blue, and as a result, can't see it.

And then, they'll demonstrate a color the tribe CAN see, but you CAN'T, because you speak English!

Our senses do not even pick up things that don't have meaning to us. Our eyes pick up a huge amount of information, but the brain just throws away almost all of it, and causes us to only see what we want to see and need to see. The rest is entirely invisible.

And the biggest aspect that gives those things meaning to us, is that we share and describe them.

It's all rather stunning. There's no question that there are things that are *there*, see-able but invisible to all of us, because we just don't have the capacity to describe them, or by chance we never found them interesting enough to try to describe.
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