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Originally Posted by sexobon View Post
Texas is short on nurses and nursing assistants. She might be able to find a free, possibly paid (training wage), 4 week CNA course in exchange for working for the sponsoring health care organization for a period of time, probably a year, at full wages. She'd have to pay the course fee if she quits earlier though. You can search for info starting with places like this.

If she couldn't handle that amount of physical labor, she probably wouldn't make it through basic training in the military.
That's an interesting idea--she's extremely anti-college right now, which accurately reflects her ability to complete coursework so that's actually fine, but a short training course might be something she'd go for, 6-12 months from now.

I honestly didn't think it was really possible to fail basic training, I thought they just made you go through it again and again until you were in shape.

But as usual, it looks like my judgmental griping was unwarranted and premature. Her second interviewer emailed back today with a background check consent form, so things may be more likely on that one than she first thought.
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