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Originally Posted by GunMaster357 View Post
As for the smell of death, it depends on how long the body has been out in the open and how hot is the day.
A few years before my dad passed away we were out on a spring walk and just chatting about this and that. I remarked on the smell of the air in spring and how I had just watched a science program about how our memory is more closely linked to our sense of smell than our vision. The program explained that a smell can recall more distant memories than a picture can.

My dad, who fought in the Pacific theater in WWII and never, ever, talked about his combat experience in my whole life said, "Yeah, I know what you mean. You'll never forget the smell of hundreds of bodies left out in the tropical sun for days because you didn't have time to bury them all."

That was all he ever said to me about his combat experience in the war.
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