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I told her he was only on a dairy-free diet, because going completely gluten-free had just been so incredibly hard, and we hadn't seen any dramatic changes like we had with dairy. She reminded me that it often takes several weeks for everything to clear the system, and she had even seen one child where it took a whole month, but after that of course the change was bordering on miraculous... she was just trying to be supportive, I know, but all I heard was, "Other parents are dedicated enough to make their children healthier, why aren't you?" If there were a way I could know for sure that it would help, I could do it, I know. It's just the possibility that it might do nothing at all that makes it so hard to consider attempting it again. She suggested getting him allergy tested--but then readily acknowledged that the skin prick tests rarely show anything conclusive, because obviously if there were big skin reactions to things he's eating every day we would be seeing it. We could demand blood tests... oh, but those are often inaccurate in children under 6. Really, the "easiest" thing is just try it (indefinitely, of course!) and see if there are improvements. Yeah, easy for you to say, lady. You don't have to deal with the kid who writhes on the floor wailing "Yellow" for an hour because I won't let him have his standard (yellow) Eggo waffle for breakfast.

that's not a rick roll have to try the gluten free thing. you know it. thats why it makes you feel bad.

Im not trying to make you feel bad....but cmon.
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