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Cellar Predictions (concerning "Regular" Dwellars) :

one dwellar will get pregnant, three will impregnante someone, one of those four will be under 20 and not so happy about it initially, and one will be a "later in life surprise" for a couple in their late 30s or 40s. Or maybe even 50s Three dwellars will welcome new grandchildren. 6 dogs will be adopted by dwellars, and one dwellar will acquire a very unusual pet.

One dwellar will get their 15 minutes of fame on TV, one will feature in a local newspaper and two will be mentioned on the radio, although it's possible that one of those will be making a request on a local country station.

Two dwellars will storm off in major hissy fits, one will be a dwellar of old who will return, and one will be a noob who becomes a regular and then decides that LJ hurts their feelings and is a bully.

Radar, Sundae Girl, Undertoad, Ducksnuts and three others will get an important new job

Urbane Gorilla () will not post a pic of himself, but a female dwellar who has resisted vociferously so far will post a VNSFW pic of themselves.

Three pairs of dwellars will meet IRL, one meeting will be awkward and there will be noticeable repercussions on the board.

46 screens will get sprayed with coffee; UT will add a SCF smiley.

Clodfobble, Griff and Undertoad will publically lose patience with another dwellar (not all with the same dwellar)

labrat and HLJ will both get an early hattrick in the 2009 Hall of Fame, but both Shawnees and another, male, poster will dominate that thread

4 dwellars will suffer from self inflicted knife wounds, one will break a limb and piles will be an unwelcome arrival in the lives of two dwellars who have never previously suffered from them before.

One Dwellar -maybe a new one, the ball is getting a little cloudy here.... will post a picture of their (clean) arsehole in the RFN NSFW thread. it will be removed and debate will ensue....

One dwellar will lose an incredible amount of weight and post awe-inspiring before and after pics. One dwellar will get plastic surgery and will not be happy with the outcome. the good news is, after posting pics on the cellar, the resulting discussion will lead to them changing their mind about what they actually wanted in the first place and then being very happy with the result. Five dwellars will have suspect moles removed and one for cosmetic reasons only, four will be benign, but not the cosmetic one. all outcomes will be good in the end, although two dwellars will be unhappy with the scarring.

Two dwellars will spend a little time in the nuthouse. The ball is unclear as to whether one of those is wolf.

Two teetotal dwellars will fall off the wagon, two drinkers will give up.

The Abortion debate will be big this year. Also the Political Correctness /Racism debate. there will be less interest in threads about American Soldiers overseas and word association.

Equipment/Power failure outside of UT's control will take the cellar down for at least 24 hours. there is an 85% chance that Radar's subsequent comments will lead to his finally being banned. The tip jar will overflow this month.
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