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Looking forward to open mic night.
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Hey!!! I might be getting a computer today! I will be able to get online at home again!!! (I have one but it's old and very sad, I just stare at it)
I will be able to download photos again!!! Woo-hoo! I might even get those secret santa photos posted!! I might even be able to drink beer and chat too!

It's a hand me down but it might be decent enough to run some programs I need! We shall see!!

I'm going to go buy an awesome monitor. Even if the comp. sucks I'll need a good display monitor later!!!

Sorry about the exclamation points. Just happy.... If I had a tail it would be wagging... People are so freakin' nice expensive programs? Thaaank you very much.

This person is giving me a computer and helped make one of my favorite films of all time...Major brownie points.
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