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I went to the library in Woolwich today. Waited 30 mins for a bus that is supposed to be every 8-12 minutes. I should have walked up to the main road, but anyone who takes public transport will understand the feeling of "time invested" that keeps you at the stop.

Anyway, took my books back to the library and got a great haul in return including a couple of books I rarely look for and yet am excited to read (Last Exit to Brooklyn being one, as recommended by my hero Steve Pemberton). Anyway, get to the counter to check them out - I've only been and gone and forgotten my darn library card haven't I?

So I decide today is not my day and I am going to treat myself. I knew there was a Pie and Mash* shop in Woolwich so I asked while I was at the Post Office. Whaddyou know, it's literally round the corner.

So I had the unhealthiest lunch I have had in months. And I had dinner just now - aduki bean and mixed veg casserole, virtually fat free. I don't regret lunch, but it has made me feel like I've broken my diet. I'll put it behind me tomorrow though, no problem.

I went to my (much smaller local library) and got 8 chicklit books out after I went home and got my card. Venus in Furs better be there next time I get to Woolwich!

*For the uninitiated, "pie and mash" is a specifically South East London phenomenon, sold in tiled eateries with formica topped booths. You don't choose what's in the pie. Pie is pie, end of. And the green sauce is a pea and parsley sauce called liquor. Traditionally you soak the lot in vinegar. The shops also sell jellied eels.
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