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Dad had his cataract op earlier this week, so thankfully that's out of the way at long last.

He was only in hospital for a few hours and was rather wobbly when he came out but when we got home he asked for sausages, baked beans and fried egg on toast and to 'put it on a large plate'.

If his appetite ever falters then it's time to worry.

I had to remove the dressing the following morning which was held in place with micropore tape.

I know that he was a bit bruised and somewhat sore, but for a man who won WW2 single handed he has a remarkable repertoire of winces and general grumbles.

He has to have a plastic eye shield on overnight for the first week so we have to do the tape removal every morning.

That's a minor problem and he's already doing the crossword again so onward and upward!
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