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I've been too busy to update, but things are really working out well.

I found a High Adventure back country Boy Scout camp in Northern Montana that had an opening. It's a week long and looks really cool. It will fill the second half of our canceled trip. One of my co-leaders found another Scout camp in the Black Hills of South Dakota the week before that will fill up the first part of our trip. And we have a few days in between, which we will need to road trip between those places.

So we fly in to Denver, immediately hit the road to get to South Dakota. We visit Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore. Maybe even the Badlands and absolutely Devils Tower. Sleep in the camp every night. Maybe get a swim or an afternoon in on the ropes course. And then take two days to drive way up to the NW corner of Montana to learn how to fly fish as we hike through back country mountains and valleys for a week.

I was super pessimistic the last two days but talking to Scouts literally all across the country has restored my faith in humans. Everyone I reached out to at camps from Utah to Virginia was super friendly and helpful. They all wanted to be part of the solution.

There were over 1,000 crews that were displaced by the fire at Philmont and we were all in a mosh pit of phone calls and emails trying to land a plan B.

I'm thrilled it worked out for us.

We may even swing by Yellowstone on our way back to the Denver airport.
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