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   Undertoad  Monday Dec 19 07:06 PM

12/19/2005: Bubblegum alley

Who knows how this sort of thing happens? One day somebody sticks their gum on the wall. The next person happens by and instead of taking it down, adds another. And pretty soon it's a movement, in an alley in San Luis Obispo that has been full of gum since 1960.

Emrikol  Monday Dec 19 07:25 PM

420? Hyuck, that's funny!

(I'm not the only one that sees it, right?)

Iggy  Monday Dec 19 08:42 PM

That is decidedly non-tasty...

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Dec 19 08:44 PM

Pismo Polly at Bubblegum alley
That's a song title just begging...... at least a hook.

beavis  Monday Dec 19 11:06 PM

kinda cool but also kinda gross...

GlassJaw  Monday Dec 19 11:12 PM

Wow, Finally a IOTD from my sector of the world. whodathunkit.

Yes, that particular 420 is about one of a dozen or so that can still be read, in addition to smiley faces, names, W.O.W. Group Numbers (Week of Welcome for Cal Poly) [Guilty!], "sculptures" and lots of, yes, non-tasty gum. Most of the older samples resemble erasers left outside over a summer.

It is one of those "Worlds Biggest Balls of Twine" claims to fame, but it is ours. I actually prefer referencing San Luis Sourdough Bread as the local item, but pictures of bread are probably less exciting.

capnhowdy  Monday Dec 19 11:47 PM

I can hear The Archies playing in the background.
I bet it smells delicious there.

Trilby  Monday Dec 19 11:59 PM

I'll bet that's what the underside of my kitchen chairs looks like...

hampor  Tuesday Dec 20 01:25 AM

When we were planning our vacation the conversation went like this:

Me: In San Lois Obispo there a place called bubblegum alley.

She: That sounds cute. Lets go! What do they have?

Me: An alley full of bubble gum.

She: Yuck!

GlassJaw  Tuesday Dec 20 03:14 AM

oh hampor, I hope that you don't pass us by because of a 60 foot wall of chicklets. There is so much more in this area than what is depicted in the shots above, and that I could do justice.

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Dec 20 04:55 AM

That alley looks a little narrow to get a sightseeing bus through.

smithgr  Tuesday Dec 20 08:33 AM

Back in the 1970's, there was a television program in the U.S. (hopefully not exported) called "That's Incredible" that featured this wall in one of its programs. I remember the closing clip...some little girl pulled a piece of gum off the wall and plopped it in her mouth. That was thirty years ago and it still gives me the heebie-jeebies.

smithgr  Tuesday Dec 20 08:42 AM

They need one of these in Singapore! It could be their analog to a hash bar in Holland.

srom  Tuesday Dec 20 10:24 AM

heh, don't trip off to one side when you're walking through there, because you might never get out!

chrisinhouston  Tuesday Dec 20 11:20 AM

I remember when I was a freshman in High School having gotten detension for some reason and my punishment was to have to scrape gum off the bottom of countless lunchroom tables. To this day I have never used gum because of this experience!

chrisinhouston  Tuesday Dec 20 11:25 AM

I checked out the web site; what's with the parrot?

Elspode  Tuesday Dec 20 02:50 PM

Kinda looks like he's stuck to the wall.

You know, New Jersey could do something like this. Maybe with used condoms.

capnhowdy  Tuesday Dec 20 05:10 PM

You know, New Jersey could do something like this. Maybe with used condoms.
Don't give them any bright ideas.

SeanAhern  Tuesday Dec 20 10:01 PM

Hey, I see the Virgin Mary!

daniwong  Tuesday Dec 20 10:44 PM

I've also seen this - and San Luis Obispo is a beatiful city. Since I now live down here - I can sing the lovelyness.

tw  Wednesday Dec 21 12:02 AM

Forest Gump was here .... first.

tang  Wednesday Dec 21 10:11 AM

Someone should take note that apparently gum is an adhesive that lasts for 40 years. There's got to be a practical application there somewhere.

Promenea  Wednesday Dec 21 11:52 AM

You know, New Jersey could do something like this. Maybe with used condoms.
I think it already has - some of the paths at South Mt Resv. look like contenders.

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