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   Undertoad  Thursday Sep 15 05:49 PM

9/15/2005: US 90 near Biloxi

I still haven't seen much that represents Katrina well, but sparkidiot sent along a gallery that was pretty good and this was the first shot of it. This is the US interstate 90 bridge into the city. It's... artistic.

Katrina's devastation is so broad that it doesn't photograph well. Here's another shot of destruction, the photos say. Each shot is amazing, but each one also fails to show us the miles and miles of destruction involved. The above gallery includes several boat casinos that were lifted up and rudely smashed on shore. Any particular one makes an IotD but the bunch of them makes for difficult picking.

capnhowdy  Thursday Sep 15 06:14 PM

Who'd a thunk it? I'd have never guessed in a hundred years this was an interstate. Wow... It will be quite a while before they get back even close to normal. Unless we can go ahead and get Wolf in office as the new head of FEMA. Open the polls.... I vote AYE.

Vegeta  Thursday Sep 15 06:18 PM

I remember when the first images of the destruction came in, this particular bridge was one that stood out... very striking difference, like some of the before/after shots of New Orleans and Banda Aceh (though certainly not as striking as the latter).

A wider shot of the buildings before and after would indeed be more impressive, as you indicated.

barefoot serpent  Thursday Sep 15 06:21 PM

Hey, how about a giant wind-driven guitar? Just strech some cables across this new 'fretboard' and mount some some sails for pics...

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Sep 15 06:53 PM

It came apart the same way the Pensacola bridge/causeway did last year. I guess the road sections between supports aren't tied down, just held down by their weight.
I suppose that's a good idea if a ship runs into it.

This first picture struck me the most for some reason.

Happy Monkey  Thursday Sep 15 07:09 PM

It makes repairs much easier. Sinking the supports is the hardest part.

busterb  Thursday Sep 15 08:40 PM

I think that's a shot of old U.S. hwy 90 bridge, not the I-10. Sparkidiot or busterb

capnhowdy  Thursday Sep 15 09:19 PM

I guess the road sections between supports aren't tied down, just held down by their weight.

If it hadn't been made like that, I think the whole damn bridge would be history. Or at least severely damaged.

SmartAZ  Monday Sep 26 08:18 AM

Fresh pics HERE and HERE.

mitheral  Monday Sep 26 03:09 PM

That house on the penisula with the lower floors missing -> just wow.

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Sep 26 07:23 PM

313 more pictures

busterb  Monday Sep 26 08:13 PM

Thanks xob. Photo #79 shows a Julia st. sign. I'm guessing the tracks are Amtrac. Anyway to the south is the corner of Camp & Julia, where the homeless, wineos and others slept in doorways back when I worked in S. LA. I see a few places I remember, including city hall for court once. Most of restaurants they show, I could never afford to eat there. The homes along St. Charles are in the garden district and aren't for pofolks. Without the mud and so many houses I can see some of the same things around here.

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