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   Undertoad  Thursday Aug 25 02:06 PM

8/25/2005: Tire tracks over wheat

Sometimes IotD is simple. These are tracks of tractor tires, combined with the natural ruts of farming, running through a wheatfield in Walla Walla County, Washington.

wolf  Thursday Aug 25 02:19 PM

So in the US, the aliens use 4WDs for the crop circles?

bargalunan  Thursday Aug 25 02:20 PM

Another kind of UFO crop circle ?

Seems to be the End of the World !

lookout123  Thursday Aug 25 02:25 PM

well, if i could Photoshop i'd put "angus o'mann" in the lower right hand corner of that pic and claim that i'd sold it.

LabRat  Thursday Aug 25 02:43 PM

Reminds me of worm/larve/? tracks you find between old wood and it's bark once the bark has peeled off.

Kinda pretty...

Izanagi  Thursday Aug 25 06:36 PM

WOW!!! How much has that farmer had to drink???
Not a single straight line.

Surely drinking and farming must be illegal!

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Aug 25 07:52 PM

The roughly parallel lines are the combines harvesting the wheat. The random tracks are the trucks the combines off-load the grain to and the service vehicles like the fuel trucks and Daisy Duke bringing a jug of lemonade.

capnhowdy  Friday Aug 26 07:42 AM

Originally Posted by Izanagi
WOW!!! How much has that farmer had to drink???
Not a single straight line.

Surely drinking and farming must be illegal!
Not sure about the rest of the country, but down here it seems to be MANDATORY to drink while farming. All the tractors have a little storage thingie under the seat just the right size for a jug of whisky.

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Aug 26 10:31 AM

Maybe they're trying to forget having sex with the mule?

bridbeun  Friday Aug 26 10:42 AM

I think it's a sign from the Flying Spaghetti Monster

All praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Queen of the Ryche  Friday Aug 26 10:50 AM

Interesting Brid. Welcome to our corner of the planet.

Undertoad  Friday Aug 26 11:00 AM

follow the flying spaghetti monster meme

Queen of the Ryche  Friday Aug 26 11:05 AM

Nice. Guess I spend too much time in the Cellar/not enough on the rest of the web. I am web-naeve.

Undertoad  Friday Aug 26 11:12 AM

No it's just starting! You're early to this one.

wolf  Friday Aug 26 11:27 AM

I think somebody (bruce?) posted the FSM site over in the evolution thread ... I'm too lazy to check.

bridbeun  Friday Aug 26 11:31 AM

Thanks Queen. I've been a long time lurker for at least a year or more. Finally decided to start with the Flying Spaghetti Monster. =)

Griff  Friday Aug 26 11:42 AM

Will the cellar be the first place on the net with an FSM smiley? If I knew how it'd be priority 1.

John  Friday Aug 26 05:00 PM

I have this on a T-shirt.

Does that count?

wolf  Saturday Aug 27 01:21 AM

Available for Pre-Order

Clodfobble  Saturday Aug 27 01:28 PM

I saw one on a car in my neighborhood already, so someone's already got them in stock...

xoxoxoBruce  Sunday Aug 28 01:33 PM

That doesn't surprise me considering the large following the SM has garnered.

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Aug 29 06:34 PM


wolf  Tuesday Aug 30 01:42 AM

I put that up as the screen background on the boss' computer at work.

wolf  Tuesday Aug 30 01:45 AM

You knew it was going to happen.

I have already been outbid.

Vegeta  Tuesday Aug 30 12:21 PM

That's brilliant. *single tear of joy*

This is the best thing since the pancake bunny and all your base.

Happy Monkey  Tuesday Aug 30 12:41 PM

I guess this guy would be the Pastafarian equivalent of a fallen angel.

capnhowdy  Tuesday Aug 30 05:10 PM

theres a wanna be for everything.
I guess (re: Bruces image) the FSM has a compassionate heart for the underendowed.
No mushrooms? What a letdown.......

Happy Monkey  Tuesday Aug 30 05:23 PM

I'm more perturbed by the lack of sauce.

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Aug 30 08:04 PM

Sauce? Just touch the noodly appendage.

BigV  Tuesday Aug 30 08:21 PM

*ponders the comic potential*

"Are the noodles al dente?"

"Mmm, Alfredo('s) sauce!"

"Ewww! You know I hate marinara!"

[fakey italian accent] "Thats'a nice-a meat-a-ball."

"It's more fun when you slurp the noodles, rather than cut them up."

"Hold still, you have a bit of sauce on your chin."

"That's a looong noodle there."

and so on...

capnhowdy  Tuesday Aug 30 09:31 PM

What's a matta you
Why you looka so sad

what's a matter you
it's a nice a place
shut uppa your face

or something like that
from way back yonder

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