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   Undertoad  Monday Aug 8 02:06 PM

8/8/2005: Veggie jewelry

Belgian artist (I think) Hilde De Decker heard a true story of a man who lost his wedding ring in a field and then found it later with a tomato grown around it. De Decker now recreates this by molding the metal around veggies as they grow. She has a bunch of different veggies on display at her site. They are often preserved in jars of some liquid... can't tell what.
Via we make money not art

lookout123  Monday Aug 8 02:09 PM

well, i guess that is the adult version of those little candies we had as kids. i remember one was a ring with a great big sucker shaped like a diamond.

warch  Monday Aug 8 02:09 PM

Puts a new spin on heirloom tomato. Of course, I think its cool.

Hobbs  Monday Aug 8 02:32 PM

Checked out the artist's site. There are a series of photos that you page through. I get the pictures on the left, purhaps examples of his work, but what's with the snapshots on the right? and who is this lovely thing? Maybe inspiration behind the art?

lookout123  Monday Aug 8 03:46 PM

MOM! i just knew that sooner or later i would find my mom on the web...

Happy Monkey  Monday Aug 8 04:01 PM

Neither of 'em look very happy.

lookout123  Monday Aug 8 04:07 PM

would you look happy if you had spent 40 years married to her?
would you if you were her and had spent 40 years with someone who insisted "store, shmore, i'll just grow you a new ring."?

barefoot serpent  Monday Aug 8 04:20 PM

the 3 keys to a successful fashion statement are:

accessorize, accsessorize and accessorize...

Hobbs  Monday Aug 8 05:05 PM

Originally Posted by lookout123
... "store, shmore, i'll just grow you a new ring."?

capnhowdy  Monday Aug 8 05:58 PM

They would most certainly have a more blissful marriage if he would grow her a nice zucchini ring.
They both look pissed off at the whole universe.

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Aug 8 08:35 PM

There seems to be a disproportionately large number of pictures of retarded people on that sight.
The "we make money not art" site is fantastic.

chrisinhouston  Wednesday Aug 10 12:35 AM

The website is really strange, no explanation of the images. Here is another strange one that leaves the viewer wondering.

chrisinhouston  Wednesday Aug 10 12:37 AM

Oh, I spoke too soon, here she is again!!!

Hobbs  Wednesday Aug 10 12:32 PM

Originally Posted by chrisinhouston
Oh, I spoke too soon, here she is again!!!
There is something inherently wrong with these people. They scare me to death and I ain't afraid of nuthin.

capnhowdy  Wednesday Aug 10 06:45 PM

How do you have sex with a vegetable?

Get her out of the chair.


jojomonkeygirl  Thursday Aug 11 07:39 AM

I don't understand any of those pictures.

Hobbs  Thursday Aug 11 11:00 AM

Originally Posted by jojomonkeygirl
I don't understand any of those pictures.
Your not supposed to understand's art.

barefoot serpent  Thursday Aug 11 11:13 AM

a creepy Old World version of The Children of the Corn?

TheDormouse  Thursday Aug 11 12:08 PM

While I found much of the content of the site disturbing (a small girl wearing antlers set opposite a benign colorpoint cat; drooping jagged antlers counterpoint to an aged, apparently retarded man, etc.), the art is, well...weird isn't the word I'm looking for, but it'll have to suffice for now. I'm not just talking about the 'let's wrap some wire around the closest vegetable' art that started this thread, either.

Like these earrings! (check out the backs of them if you don't understand my meaning) You could put your eyes out (and somebody else's eyes out) with these suckers.
(and I would strongly recommend that anyone with fake titties not wear these earrings--one false move and whoooooooooooshhhhhhhhhh) <---attempt at popped balloon sound (you get the idea)

There is some cool metal art on this site, but there is so much more that is so completely off the wall.

mrnoodle  Thursday Aug 11 01:22 PM

The wedding bands choking the flower one is pretty self-explanatory.

Although, looking at the whole site, it seems more like a photo essay about the effect of industrialization on nature and the free human spirit. Kind of has a freshman college course feel to it. Far from being obscure, I think she's beating us over the head with the whole "look at the stark, imposing forms of manmade stuff and how they screw up teh nature." The veggie/jewelry thing is the only original part.

A couple of the sets look almost pleasing, though -- she treats old people almost lovingly, despite their mean faces.

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