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   Undertoad  Wednesday Jun 1 12:47 PM

6/1/2005: Young Mongolian contortionist

Magilla sends this freaky looking oddity, the official caption: A young contortionist practises at the Mongolian National Circus in Ulan Bator May 24, 2005. The Mongolian National Circus, which was established in 1940, presents several performances like acrobatics, gymnastics, juggling, tightrope walking, animal acts, clowns, magic tricks, and is best known for its contortionists. It has continuously trained contortionists, also known as 'rubber girls' or 'Girls without Bones'.

Mongolia seems like a culture off the map - as in, one rarely hears about it, here.

BigV  Wednesday Jun 1 12:57 PM

Mongolia==Cirque de Soliel farm system

Trilby  Wednesday Jun 1 12:57 PM

I think it's kinda cool that they have a National Circus. Could we get one, too?

I'm alarmed at the contortion of this innocent child. What if she sticks that way?

BigV  Wednesday Jun 1 01:02 PM

Originally Posted by Brianna
--snip--I'm alarmed at the contortion of this innocent child. What if she sticks that way?
no prob, just tip her "face down" and you've a comfy ottoman (yes, I know that's a little west of mongolia. hush.)

lookout123  Wednesday Jun 1 02:24 PM

she is posing for the next generation smilie - pulling one's head from own arse.

warch  Wednesday Jun 1 02:49 PM

Looks like one of Happy Monkey's tape sculptures.

Wormfood  Wednesday Jun 1 03:35 PM

Gee.. took me 20 sec. to figure out how she was entangled.

axlrosen  Wednesday Jun 1 05:03 PM

What they don't show is the next step: they paint some numbers on her, and get a couple of big burly guys to throw her across the mat, to play their "human D&D" game.

mrnoodle  Wednesday Jun 1 05:44 PM

[juvenile humor]Mongolian? She doesn't look retarded, she looks Chinese[/juvenile humor]

Troubleshooter  Wednesday Jun 1 07:05 PM

Goddamn Mongorians! You tear down my Shitty Wall!

Pearcie (AUS)  Wednesday Jun 1 08:23 PM


oh, i get it. a trojan mongowian howrse. mongowians hidin inside thinkin i'll bring it in the shitty wall, then mongowians pop out and destroy wall from da inside out. okay. i'll pray arong. oh! oh rook! my very own mongowian trojan horse! row! reah, what a great present! i guess mongowians aren't such crappy, smelly people after all, yeah! i'm just gonna bring it inside and show it to all my friends, yeah. (opens hatch, sweet and sour pork falls on him) AWWWW! (smacks lips) AWWW, ITS SWEET AND SOUR PORK!
(Mongolians laughing, swords clanking)
(as sweet and sour pork hardens)
im gonna get you nongoldians id ids da lasd ding i dooooooo!!!!!!!!!

richlevy  Wednesday Jun 1 08:45 PM

Originally Posted by Brianna
I think it's kinda cool that they have a National Circus. Could we get one, too?
You mean other than the White House, House of Representatives, and Senate? (three rings) :p

Sun_Sparkz  Thursday Jun 2 12:45 AM

thats just wrong.

I wonder is she will have many health problems later from all that.. contorting

wolf  Thursday Jun 2 01:37 AM

You mean that's not the mermaid girl they just did the surgery on?

Karenv  Thursday Jun 2 01:39 AM

Originally Posted by Troubleshooter
Goddamn Mongorians! You tear down my Shitty Wall!
The Mongolians didn't have to. A Chinese general opened the gate. (That's what the Emperor gets for taking his wife.)

wolf  Thursday Jun 2 02:20 AM

Originally Posted by Troubleshooter
Goddamn Mongorians!
Were those the guys that Flash Gordon was fighting all the time??

Pearcie (AUS)  Thursday Jun 2 03:05 AM


Originally Posted by wolf
Were those the guys that Flash Gordon was fighting all the time??
Hahahaha! Nice one wolf, I reckon you're right. They definitely come from the planet Mongo, so you can't be far wrong

capnhowdy  Thursday Jun 2 12:30 PM

Probably be fun to have sex with............when she gets old enough.

xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Jun 4 03:19 AM

They breed and train 'em like race horses....or show dogs.

wolf  Saturday Jun 4 03:25 AM

Must be very difficult to give birth to children with such small bodies and large heads. Perhaps that's why they train the girls to do that ... expand the pelvis so the kids can make it out of the birth canal ...

BigV  Saturday Jun 4 04:38 PM

I wonder if this postion is one they can assume on their own, or if the have to be "assembled" into it. The one on the top looks only slightly less impossible than the bottom ones. I can imagine they lie on their stomach, then reach back over their head and grip a foot and pull until the feet move toward the head. Then fold arms over feet and smile. yikes.

wolf  Saturday Jun 4 09:13 PM

If they don't smile, they don't get fed.

Behavioral shaping.

CharlieG  Monday Jun 6 08:58 AM

Funny (and NOT kidding) - Just got a postcard from Ulan Bator on Saturday. Ham radio operators get postcards from all OVER the place

Clodfobble  Monday Jun 6 05:36 PM

My mother used to be able to do that when she was little--she was way into gymnastics for much of her youth. She says she could get herself into that position without help, starting out lying on her stomach, then arching her legs up and simultaneously pushing her chest up with her arms. Once she got her feet hooked around her neck, she could stop holding herself up with her arms and used the crooks of her elbows to pull them down the rest of the way, naturally rocking forward as she did so.

I've seen pictures, which are especially strange since the whole time I've known her my mother has been moderately-to-significantly overweight.

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