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   Undertoad  Tuesday Feb 8 02:31 PM

2/8/2005: Chinese police destroy tricycles

The official caption says this is a load of illegal tricycles, taken by Chinese police, dumped and ready to be destroyed. But there is absolutely no information on why they are illegal, or why they have to be completely destroyed. Presented for your enjoyment anyway!

LabRat  Tuesday Feb 8 02:35 PM

and i thought americans were the kings of wastefulness...

wolf  Tuesday Feb 8 02:45 PM

Must be part of that government tricycle buyback program. Children are now much safer because of the tricycle control program instituted by the government.

(so, how can they buy back something they never owned anyway???)

GruntDoc  Tuesday Feb 8 02:55 PM

Though I'm only surmising, after reading some pages about China and tricycles via Google, they're probably either 'unlicensed business' or weren't paying the trike tax.

Seems pretty silly, though.

Troubleshooter  Tuesday Feb 8 03:09 PM

They also may not be children's trikes, but people who haul with them as a business.

jaguar  Tuesday Feb 8 03:15 PM

They also may not be children's trikes, but people who haul with them as a business.
My guess is some kind of illegal rickashaw business.

glatt  Tuesday Feb 8 03:45 PM

They should auction them off.

capnhowdy  Tuesday Feb 8 04:17 PM

Wonder how they plan to destroy them?

No flee ail? Burrshit! Gomel Pyre no wolky heel!!

They will probably melt them down, make cheap, flimsy toys and trinkets with them and sell them to another country for a gazillion bucks.

I'd like to have a US buck for every rodent that lives in that scrapheap.

jaguar  Tuesday Feb 8 04:31 PM

traditional chinese way is to roll over them with a tank.

Guess  Tuesday Feb 8 05:08 PM

what!? they should give them to all the orphaned baby girls over there!

somebody ask billy wtf is going on over there

warch  Tuesday Feb 8 06:06 PM

Maybe policy is to limit to only two wheels per family.

footfootfoot  Tuesday Feb 8 08:21 PM

Originally Posted by warch
Maybe policy is to limit to only two wheels per family.
She shoots,


blase  Tuesday Feb 8 09:36 PM

They probably just want to melt them down, steel prices being what they are.

mrnoodle  Wednesday Feb 9 10:28 AM

maybe we should send them our tire piles. there's one locally that's got something like 4 million tires in it, and now the county won't fund disposal of them. a new export! we've already got them buying our prairie dogs

Wormfood  Wednesday Feb 9 11:58 AM

I guess this is how it looks like when they have a trafficaccident at their rushhour :p

Rob-O  Wednesday Feb 9 06:49 PM


This is a buyback program to get people to buy new bikes and to get steel for recycling. China is consuming 150+ tons of steel a day in manufactoring and building.

capnhowdy  Wednesday Feb 9 07:24 PM

from gruntdoc's link:
[quote]"Businessmen, tricycle operators negligent in paying taxes
Many businessmen and tricycle operators in Laoag City have not yet paid their quarterly percentage tax for the first quarter of the year.

Revenue district officer Florante Aninag said that these businessmen and tricycle operators have already been served notice so that they could still avoid being forced to pay certain fines.

The taxes for tricycle operators are expected to rise given the rise in minimum fares from P4.00 to P5.00."[quote]

Hmmmmm... Taxes up a whole "p". Bet that pisses them off.
Maybe the P stands for the P.O. level in Chinatown.
New traffic slogan in China: Pay your P's if you wanna keep your knees in the breeze!

Eric  Wednesday Feb 9 09:29 PM

i think i am the authority here.two point
1. just as some guys mentioned, these tricycles were used in illegal transport with unlicensed and most of them avoid tax payment.
2. i don't know why govement need to destroyed them completely, but use in other method. i still know how they destroy them.they will be thrown in a machine which is more like the paper cutter in office, and they will be broken to pieces after a few minute.i has seen this machine before in Zhengzhou city, Henan province,China

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Feb 9 09:39 PM

Ah...the dreaded shredder. Thanks Eric, Happy New Year.

This is a buyback program
Take away is more like it. Welcome to the Cellar Rob-O.

Pay your P's if you wanna keep your knees in the breeze!
Say goodnight, Cap'n.

capnhowdy  Wednesday Feb 9 10:59 PM


LabRat  Thursday Feb 10 10:19 AM

couldn't (shouldn't) they do something like here when property is seized by the authorities that be it's auctioned off every so often?
[hijack]BTW, anyone been to one of these types of auctions or know what happens to the $$ raised?

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Feb 10 08:23 PM

If they don't destroy the trikes they will be back on the street and probably half would only pay the initial fee then be outlaws again. Better than the old days when the owner was shredded too.

Where the auction proceeds go depends on why the goods were seized.

onetrack  Friday Feb 11 07:30 PM

Nothing is illegal in China .. the owners just didn't pay out the right amount to the right officials ..

Eric  Friday Feb 11 09:30 PM

Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce
Ah...the dreaded shredder. Thanks Eric, Happy New Year.
thanks, Bruce, and this month is chinese traditional festival"Spring Festival", the bigest day for chinese, and i wanna all guys in Cellar happy with us, HAPPY SPRING FESTIVAL, EXCELLENT START FOR THE NEW YEAR

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Feb 11 09:48 PM

Originally Posted by onetrack
Nothing is illegal in China .. the owners just didn't pay out the right amount to the right officials ..
It's illegal not to pay the right amount to the right officials.

xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Feb 19 08:10 AM

Sometimes they make a run for it.

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