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   Undertoad  Tuesday Dec 28 01:42 PM

12/28/2004: Mount St. Helens lets one go

Elspode sends this along with the priceless addition: "St. Helens hocked up a pretty nifty loogie today." It's not just the amazing image but the wiseass comment that makes the shot.

Reminds one of busterb's anvil shooting, except that in this case the "anvil" is probably the size and weight of tens of anvils, on fire, and probably about 1500 F degrees hot.

All I can imagine is being on the ground, shouting "I got it I got it I got it..."

Elspode  Tuesday Dec 28 01:56 PM

The only thing that would have been neater than this would have been a next frame that showed the pyroclast hitting the ground and exploding into a shower of devastation.

Also, it needs a "ptui!" sound effect done by Mel Blanc to accompany it.

Kitsune  Tuesday Dec 28 02:04 PM

Pyroclast? Looks like icicles hanging from the webcam housing to me.

Beestie  Tuesday Dec 28 02:05 PM

I don't know why I keep thinking that's Homer Simpson at the front of that plume

glatt  Tuesday Dec 28 02:10 PM

It does look like icicles.

Kitsune  Tuesday Dec 28 02:15 PM

I mean, where's the plume/explosion/smoke from the top of the mountain if it vomitted these boulders up?

Next thing you know, there will be a gia-- OH MY GOD!

glatt  Tuesday Dec 28 02:21 PM

HOLY CRAP! Run for your lives!

Elspode  Tuesday Dec 28 03:06 PM

Damn...I was fooled.

It *was* icicles, huh? Sigh. Another Cellarite bites the IOTD dust.

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Dec 28 09:11 PM

Nah, nah, it wasn't me, it wasn't me, it wasn't me.......this time.

Els, you're but a grasshopper. You've got a looong way to go to catch up with the Master of Bogus Images, yours truly.

richlevy  Tuesday Dec 28 11:32 PM

You know Mount St Helens has activity about the same time that you have a 9.0 quake on the other side of the world. I wonder if the two events are connected.

richlevy  Tuesday Dec 28 11:36 PM

You know, I deleted a message asking if it was possible that recent Mount St. Helens activity was connected with the quake/tsunami in Asia. I thought it was a little to speculative, and then I found this

Dr. Zaius  Wednesday Dec 29 12:47 AM

Interesting article....but I doubt if they are related. Mt St. Helens' activity is more due to whats in it's inherent magma chamber than any underground fault line. I live the same state as St. Helens and I kinda find the recent activity underwhelming compared to 1980. But that's probably a good thing.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Dec 29 01:48 AM

But magma chambers and fault lines have something in common. We know how they work but not when or why they're triggered. Is a cooling core causing the earth to shrink slightly making plates move and zits like St Helens to erupt? If so will this cause the magnetic poles to switch, which is long overdue? Will it set off the frozen methane in the ocean depths? Will it cause the ladies to suddenly desire bald fat guys?
btw- I was in Centrailia in '80.

Dr. Zaius  Wednesday Dec 29 02:27 AM

Whoa Centralia....front row seat almost. The mountain has changed in twenty years but that place hasn't much.

I vote for ladies suddenly desiring fat bald guys.

Karenv  Wednesday Dec 29 04:51 PM

Originally Posted by Dr. Zaius
I vote for ladies suddenly desiring fat bald guys.

I desire fat bald guys. But if you want supermodels, the mountain may have to emit a lot more smoke.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Dec 29 06:43 PM

To hell with the mountain, I'll bring smoke.

wolf  Thursday Dec 30 02:21 AM

They could calm Mount Saint Helens right down if they followed ancient tradition and sacrificed a virgin by tossing her into the caldera.

They just can't find one in the Pacific Northwest.

Griff  Thursday Dec 30 08:37 AM

trying to figure out whether you're dissing the NW granola monkeys or not...

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Dec 30 11:10 AM

The natives (WA) told me if you took a few people from WA and OR, and plunked them down on an island, the OR people would build a town hall and a church. The WA people would build a union hall and a bar.

Dr. Zaius  Friday Dec 31 08:24 AM

Hee hee. That is true of Washington. The way Oregon has become nowdays they'd probably build a protest stand and a mosh pit first.

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