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   Undertoad  Wednesday Dec 22 11:52 AM

12/22/2004: Gingerbread construction

xoB sent along the CPU and I'm just trying to one-up him with the gingerbread HOUSE. The house is apparently gone now as residents complained about the problems you'd expect to have living next to a gingerbread house:

Now they have agreed to dismantle the house after inspectors said it was a health risk.

Residents in Hietzing, located near Schoenbrunn's imperial palace, a popular destination for tourists, claim that rats and other animals have been attracted by pieces of gingerbread that have been knocked off the wooden frame by the wind.

full story

A gingerbread computer makes much more sense, an impressive little work that is.

wolf  Wednesday Dec 22 01:19 PM

Usually around this time of year food channel runs a show on gingerbread competitions.

There are some amazingly strange, focused people out there building gingerbread houses.

Which, at competition level, are really more like gingerbread McMansions, complete with gingerbread hummers.

404Error  Wednesday Dec 22 01:24 PM

Uh, wouldn't that be a GBPU?

wolf  Wednesday Dec 22 01:26 PM

CookiePU ... it works. Gingerbread, although called a bread, is, in this formation, a cookie. You can't build much with bready gingerbread ...

Wormfood  Wednesday Dec 22 02:12 PM

Somebody been overclocking it too much and fried the whole thing.. :p

Leah  Wednesday Dec 22 04:54 PM


Elspode  Wednesday Dec 22 05:30 PM

If you cut it into really small pieces, you would then have several giga-bites worth of gingerbread cpu...

Thanks folks, I'm here all week. Don't forget to tip your waitresses.

Roosta  Wednesday Dec 22 07:07 PM

That's just silly. It'd never work with that candy connected in reverse polarity! )

404Error  Wednesday Dec 22 11:55 PM

Originally Posted by wolf
...You can't build much with bready gingerbread ...
Sure you can. How about a bread sculpture.

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Dec 23 09:04 PM

Or a laptop.

Elspode  Friday Dec 24 11:07 AM

Looks like it is stuck at the splash screen...typical.

Katkeeper  Friday Dec 24 12:07 PM

Just love that mouse!

404Error  Sunday Dec 26 01:39 AM

My cousin runs the food services at University of Connecticut and made this house for this years Christmas Holiday Theme Dinner. While it's not exactly gingerbread I thought it was pretty cool.

He said he made the whole thing by himself, took him 4 days using 70 cups of sugar, 2 cases of graham crackers and a box of mini shredded wheats. It's 4 feet long and 3 feet high and he put pictures of his staff in the 26 windows.

0  Sunday Dec 26 05:14 PM

It is awesome! But are graham crackers in the guidelines? Was he cheating?? <G>

wolf  Sunday Dec 26 06:10 PM

I have watched several of these gingerbread competition shows on Food Channel.

There's a percentage of edibility (and royal frosting, despite being less tasty than library paste, is considered edible, so there's a lot of leeway) for Gingerbread Houses, but the material of construction doesn't have to be gingerbread. It's generally preferred, however, because of it's durability.

404Error  Monday Dec 27 12:01 AM

This house wasn't for any competition, it was made as the center piece for the dessert table at the holiday theme dinner for the college. Besides, I doubt it was meant to be edible seeing as how the graham crackers are frosted onto a cardboard framework.

Here it is finished at the dinner.

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Dec 28 01:08 AM

I love the candy canes hanging over the veggie bar.

dar512  Wednesday Dec 29 03:24 AM

Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce
I love the candy canes hanging over the veggie bar.
Sugar comes from sugar cane which is a plant. Doesn't that make it a veggie?

wolf  Wednesday Dec 29 03:29 AM

I really like the way you think.

That reminds me. I should pick up some sugar cane in the supermarket on the way to work tomorrow.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Dec 29 06:52 PM

Originally Posted by dar512
Sugar comes from sugar cane which is a plant. Doesn't that make it a veggie?
Yeah or Sugar Beets which is also a veggie.

A friends nephew is one of the pictures in the cakes windows.

wolf  Thursday Dec 30 02:16 AM

That has easily got to be one of the stranger 6 Degrees of Separation type linkage coincidences that I have encountered in some time.

Your reply here?

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