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   Undertoad  Monday Dec 13 12:25 PM

12/13/2004: FCC investigates Olympics?

Apparently the FCC is looking at the Olympics broadcast now, having gotten "at least one" indecency complaint.

(At least ONE? Jeff Jarvis has recently showed how many, or really, MOST FCC complaints are generated by complaint farms, not actually written by outraged viewers.)

According to the full story and the official caption on the image if you click through to it, we learn that the broadcast MAY or MAY NOT HAVE...

...included male performers representing ancient Greek Kouroi, life-size stone figures of naked young men dating to the sixth century B.C.
The story says that the 2004 Athens WEB SITE includes these images, but it's not known whether the broadcast included them. Does this stop the FCC? Nope, they are requesting a tape from NBC.

If you look closely at the above image, it appears that these guys aren't showing their actual units, but wearing some sort of costume to simulate the real thing. Does that change the matter at all?

Ach, I know this entry doesn't have much factual information yet... I read the regular news sites, and end up in complete confusion as to what the wire writers intended to communicate. In this case the story collides with its own picture's caption. Hopefully someone will have more info on it... post away if you do.

beavis  Monday Dec 13 02:21 PM

what a bunch of pricks...

busterb  Monday Dec 13 02:59 PM

Small pricks

jinx  Monday Dec 13 03:02 PM


sniglet  Monday Dec 13 03:04 PM


Wormfood  Monday Dec 13 03:41 PM

Must be the cold mud.
Where are the real ones ? ..inside?

Leah  Monday Dec 13 04:20 PM

No wonder they all look so depressed and glum, I would look depressed also having to walk around looking like that, how embarrassing they all must be with such a little old fella's.

Target  Monday Dec 13 04:27 PM

I didn't think it was depression...I thought they were checking out the guy in front of them.

Bitman  Monday Dec 13 04:30 PM

I'm afraid to post, cuz I'd hafta admit to studying the picture. But it to me it looks like a photoshop job more than anything. Clearly the tops and bottoms don't match, but the one in the middle shows some artifacts that are just weird.

Oh and yea, small pricks.

capnhowdy  Monday Dec 13 05:53 PM

It is odd that the costume flaunts such a provocative statement. Someone should have known a crybaby somewhere would freak out. The costumes would have been much more realistic had the designer used a little creativity and revealed what the shower room at the "Y" REALLY looks like.heehee......
All men are NOT created equal Ahem........

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Dec 13 07:53 PM

Someone should have known a crybaby somewhere would freak out.
This was in Greece, they don't give a rats ass about the FCC. Actually we shouldn't have to either, but.....where was that damn lockbox
The uniform size and shape of the privates privates is supposed to represent a stone statue from the 6th century. Perhaps it does, don't forget that in the 17th century guys were about 5 ft tall, on average.

richlevy  Monday Dec 13 08:54 PM

The Olympic committee should have known that to comply with American standards of decency, you are only allowed to show male frontal nudity when coupled with extreme acts of violence. If they had only let Quentin Tarantino do the choreography..

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Dec 13 10:51 PM

In honor of the Olympics' birth in Athens, the ceremony featured performers dressed as classic Greek statues and as ancient Gods. There was also an interpretive dance segment featuring a pregnant woman and her apparent mate. It's unclear which of the myriad possibilities raised the ire of the FCC's complaining party.
Myriad possibilities?

Karenv  Tuesday Dec 14 11:43 PM

Given that the average erect male member is 5.4" (NOT 5-7") according to researchers who measure such things, they aren't all that small.

(There is a discussion on size at but be forewarned that it includes photos you couldn't post here- not a porn site but explicit.)

Undertoad  Wednesday Dec 15 01:02 AM

There is no possible reply to this that cannot be flagged TMI.

Cyber Wolf  Wednesday Dec 15 07:41 AM

Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce
... don't forget that in the 17th century guys were about 5 ft tall, on average.
Just cuz a guy's short doesn't mean he sometimes has trouble walking in a straight line

And are we talking just the Meat or the Meat and Potatoes together? If we're talking about the total package then body size doesn't mean much...look at a male rat. His boys are HUGE proportionately. Of course, rats are kinda geared towards making as many babies as they can so he needs a large gene factory. But way back when, having a lot of kids was a good idea too what with farms to manage, kingdoms to inherit and the need for a non-fatal way to prove one's virility and higher infant mortality rates. Wouldn't be surprised if the stuff of a man 17th century and before (especially way before) were a little bigger, or possible the word is 'robust', than the stuff of a man today. Guys today need to try harder; there's fertility clinics and dildos to compete with

Karenv  Wednesday Dec 15 03:06 PM

Guys today need to contend with estrogens in the meat and dairy, xenoestrogens in plastics and pesticides. Even prenatally.

glatt  Wednesday Dec 15 03:35 PM

Originally Posted by Karenv
Guys today need to contend with estrogens in the meat and dairy, xenoestrogens in plastics and pesticides. Even prenatally.
So what you are saying is that Real Men don't eat beef.

Karenv  Wednesday Dec 15 03:39 PM

Actually beef is pretty good for making testosterone. But it is much better if it is grass-fed beef without estrogens in the feed.

Then Real Man can go and hunt or cut down pine trees in the spring when he can get lots of pine pollen, because the stuff is full of androgens including testosterone.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Dec 15 09:53 PM

How about beef that's been fed pine trees?

Your reply here?

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