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   Undertoad  Wednesday Aug 11 01:06 PM

8/11/2004: Miss Cicciona and Mr Ciccione

Congratulations to the woman on the right, there, Giovanna Guidoni, who has won this year's Miss Cicciona contest. And the gent on the left, Fabio Teseo, who has won Mr Ciccione.

It's a beauty contest in Italy, featuring only women over 220 pounds (100 kilos) and men over 330 pounds (150 kilos).

I'm in favor of this sort of thing, partly because I know this is one area where the US can excel. I know I could find better candidates than these at any American mall. But also, we are so arbitrary about beauty, so confused about weight. Let's play with the equation so we can figure out where our priorities really are.

Full story in Italian at official site

full story Reuters via MSNBC

lookout123  Wednesday Aug 11 01:17 PM

the "blond" woman looks like she is channelling phyllis diller.

Elspode  Wednesday Aug 11 01:18 PM

The blonde "woman" looks more like he is channeling Divine.

lookout123  Wednesday Aug 11 01:39 PM

Originally Posted by Elspode
The blonde "woman" looks more like he is channeling Divine.
divine? is that the hooker hugh grant got nailed with... for nailing?

Trilby  Wednesday Aug 11 03:31 PM

Yes, Divine was (is?) her name. Look-why is everyone so hung up on this ??? even if you weigh 300 pounds you might have a nice one--I think Kurt Vonnegut said, "you never know who will get one."------a NICE one, that is.

People for the Equal Treatment of Sexual Beings....(PETSB)

Troubleshooter  Wednesday Aug 11 03:33 PM

Originally Posted by lookout123
divine? is that the hooker hugh grant got nailed with... for nailing?
No, Divine , the actor.

jdbutler  Wednesday Aug 11 03:41 PM

Looks like a convention of City Hall hacks in Pittsburgh.

lookout123  Wednesday Aug 11 03:49 PM

there is someone to love everyone. and then there is someone who just wants to love everyone.

Trilby  Wednesday Aug 11 05:45 PM

Originally Posted by lookout123
there is someone to love everyone. and then there is someone who just wants to love everyone.
and then there are fabulous eyebrows....

Those are soooooome eyebrows.

mmmBoy  Wednesday Aug 11 07:31 PM

1) Just how heavy of a contestant were they planning on getting?

2) Why do the official "Miss Cicciona" T-Shirts come in Small?

3) If this statement is true: “We wanted to show that the media image of perfection — being stick-thin — isn’t the only way to get recognized” then why is the winner based on sheer tonnage rather than beauty?

It reminds me of this German dude that was in the news recently. He was a video artist who was making a documentary of him "growing" his girlfriend from around 100 pounds to well over 400. I guess that the video artist's girlfriend is kind of the "Miss Cicciona" version of Rocky.

Sun_Sparkz  Wednesday Aug 11 07:51 PM

I think this is sadder than normal beauty pagents. not that all beauty contests aren't pathetic anyway, but to base it on weight is so discriminatory.

Image if they held a pagent and the winner would be the skinniest girl that entred. There would be outrage.

This is just sad.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Aug 11 08:43 PM

It's an anti-pagent, pagent. Good for them :thumpsup:
BUT, I've seen women bigger than them, that were a lot more attractive. I guess it's anti, more than just size.

The shweetness017  Wednesday Aug 11 08:45 PM

I saw a pagent for pregnent women.

Does that qualify as fat?

Clodfobble  Wednesday Aug 11 08:54 PM

A local radio show does a Pregnant Bikini Contest every year. Apparently it's a surprisingly classy event, and sponsors really make the prizes worthwhile.

Good thing for Mr. Ciccione that this guy wasn't capable of getting to the contest stage.

The shweetness017  Wednesday Aug 11 09:06 PM

since this is the most recent thread,I was wondering if anyones interested in a pic of a sculpture that looks like a man made out of machines.BTW the sculpture is made entirely out of LEGOs.

Anyone interested?

Leah  Thursday Aug 12 12:00 AM

Yeah why not.

Cyber Wolf  Thursday Aug 12 07:20 AM

That's really eerie...the Big Guy in that photo looks alot like a Big Guy friend of mine. At last count, my friend tipped the scales at 430lb. Extra, extra...EXTRA large but he's great hugging material

The shweetness017  Thursday Aug 12 09:17 AM

I take that back,I forgot the site.however,Undertoad can find a whole crapload by going to google image search and searching for LEGO sculptures.

I even saw a homer simpson life size model along with a giant stegosaurus.

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Aug 12 07:02 PM

Boo! Foul! Empty promises. Find us a link. :p

Cyber Wolf  Friday Aug 13 09:39 AM

I found one! Check out this guy's portfolio

Griff  Friday Aug 13 09:54 AM

Originally Posted by lookout123
there is someone to love everyone. and then there is someone who just wants to love everyone.
They used to say that Julius Ceasar was a man for every woman and a woman for every man... maybe he should make a comeback and run for gov of NJ.

Cochese  Friday Aug 13 12:44 PM

The "blond" woman looks like she is channelling John Madden.

wolf  Saturday Aug 14 02:28 AM

I really like this guy's Lego Obsession.

Happy Monkey  Saturday Aug 14 07:32 PM

Originally Posted by Cyber Wolf
That's one of my favorites. Especially the grandfather clock.

mmmBoy  Thursday Aug 26 12:47 PM

OK, I don't know how this degenerated into a "Check out this lego" thread, but I just stumbled onto a site that bears a link or so. It's this Japanese guy with horrible english (which only adds to the experience) who makes Lego dioramas of hollywood movies. The funniest is the Monty Python and the Holy Grail page, complete with catapulted Cow and the faithful squire with two coconuts, but the Matrix remake is great too. "TORINITY-The Beautiful Fighter-. Smash!! Shoot!! Jump!! Throw!!"

Here's the site

hollyoake  Thursday Aug 26 01:15 PM

chrisinhouston  Thursday Aug 26 03:03 PM

great site! Too bad LEGO his teacher, maestro Fujita's
LEGO STAR WARS TRILOGY site is a bad link.

Speaking of Bad Engrish here is my favorite site:

You must check it!

mmmBoy  Thursday Aug 26 03:10 PM

Damn, that's funny. I like Kikko-Man. My favorite Engrish item was a T-shirt I saw in Paris on a Japanese tourist. It was a T-shirt for "The Milwaukee Brewers Summer Basketball League" complete with footballs and a hockey player on the sleeve. Kind of "all our base are belong to us" with American sports.

And it is too bad that we can't see the Fujito's site. Apparently now the Apprentice has become the Maestro???

alphageek31337  Thursday Aug 26 03:13 PM

Hey, Chewy, it looks like we just found out what Mr. Ciccione back at the high school's name meant.

For the uninitiated, Ciccione is an art teacher and a rather svelte and likeable gentleman...seems it was pure coincidence that he shares a name with a Big & Beautiful contest

chrisinhouston  Thursday Aug 26 03:14 PM

Funny thought just occurred to me. In the Robert De Niro film, Ronin, when De Niro is shot and wounded, his friend takes him to a safe house where a guy patches him up. The guy's hobby is building a model of the attack on the Ronan Japanese warriors; he hand paints these wonderful little lifelike figures and builds a beautiful model that reenacts the battle. Seems like this Japanese guy is doing a funny paradoy of that.

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