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   Undertoad  Tuesday Jun 8 11:51 AM

6/8/2004: 209-year-old royal heart

209 years ago today, the ten-year-old Louis XVII died.

His parents, Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, had their heads removed three years previous in the French revolution; and the boy, who would have been king, was imprisoned in a tiny cell. He caught tuberculosis and died, and they ditched his body; but before they did, his autopsy doctor cut his heart out to save it as a souvenir.

And then it was stolen; and then it was returned; and then it was bequeathed out of the country somehow; passed around Europe; lost; found in an Austrian castle in 1975, and finally returned to France.

And then of course there were rumors that it wasn't the heart after all, and so four years ago it was subject to DNA tests which matched its lineage with a lock of Marie-Antoinette's hair that had been saved.

So today they were to finally bury it once and for all. Hopefully they got the job done...

jaguar  Tuesday Jun 8 11:58 AM

HOpe someone is going to be guarding that grave-

lookout123  Tuesday Jun 8 11:59 AM

*off-key* ...take another little piece of my heart now baby...

Bullitt  Tuesday Jun 8 02:07 PM

Quit playin games with my heart!

lookout123  Tuesday Jun 8 02:18 PM

Shot through the heart... *hairflip*... and you're to blame... *highkick*... darlin' you give love a bad name *kissyface*

Guess  Tuesday Jun 8 04:06 PM

that's disgusting
who would want a human heart as a souvenir??

melidasaur  Tuesday Jun 8 04:32 PM

Originally posted by Guess
that's disgusting
who would want a human heart as a souvenir??
Hannibal Lector? Jeffery Dahmer? The French?

lumberjim  Tuesday Jun 8 04:43 PM

hey, that glass egg thingy has a heart on!

poohbearbeth  Tuesday Jun 8 06:17 PM

My heart will go on.............

MAdMoNKEY  Tuesday Jun 8 06:32 PM

You know, in 10 years they could probably clone him.

Leah  Tuesday Jun 8 06:47 PM

Wow that hearts been around, does it have it's own Passport? Bad luck it didn't clock up any frequent flyer points.

poohbearbeth  Tuesday Jun 8 07:30 PM

This ol heart of mine, been broke 1,000 times each time you went away..........

jinx  Tuesday Jun 8 07:33 PM

Once I had a love and it was a gas
Soon turned out had a heart of glass

Happy Monkey  Tuesday Jun 8 07:36 PM

Anyone ever read "Snow, Glass, Apples", by Neil Gaiman?

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Jun 8 08:38 PM

No, but I read "The Telltale Heart".

poohbearbeth  Tuesday Jun 8 09:26 PM

I've had a broken heart

Once more you opened the door, my heart will go on...........

ckigar  Tuesday Jun 8 10:40 PM

Telltale Heart Deals Blow to Pretender to a Throne

This article from the NY Times (registration req'd) profiles "Prince Charles Louis Edmond de Bourbon, count of Poitiers - or, for short, King Charles XII by Right, the legitimate heir to the French throne..." but.. since the DNA from this heart doesn't line up with his... it mustn't be the real thing...

bluesdave  Wednesday Jun 9 12:10 AM

Re: Telltale Heart Deals Blow to Pretender to a Throne

Originally posted by ckigar
but.. since the DNA from this heart doesn't line up with his... it mustn't be the real thing...
You didn't read the article very carefully, did you? It says that Mr. de Bourbon's lineage is in dispute, not the heart. The last paragraph says that a DNA comparison of a strand of Marie Antoinette's hair matched the heart:

Four years ago, DNA from a sliver of the withered heart, now gnarled and dry as a piece of wood, was found to match that from a locket of Marie Antoinette's hair, satisfying many scholars that it belonged to Louis XVII.

lookout123  Wednesday Jun 9 12:15 AM

Originally posted by xoxoxoBruce
No, but I read "The Telltale Heart".
is that like "braveheart"?

lumberjim  Wednesday Jun 9 12:47 AM

i've been stuck inside your heart shaped box_ for_weeks
neer neer neer ne ne neeer

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Jun 9 04:46 AM

Originally posted by lookout123

is that like "braveheart"?
No, your thinking of Captain Beefheart.

wolf  Wednesday Jun 9 10:35 AM

Is that a Faberge` heart container, or a cheap knockoff?

dar512  Wednesday Jun 9 11:15 AM

Reminds me of a Robert Bloch quote:

"I have the heart of a little boy -- pickled in a jar on my desk."

Slothboy  Wednesday Jun 9 11:38 AM

*raises glass*

To Louis XVII, we heartly knew you.

melidasaur  Wednesday Jun 9 12:41 PM

Pi  Wednesday Jun 9 12:51 PM

From CNN-article :
"There, it was placed in a royal crypt containing the remains of Louis XVII's parents, Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI."

Maybe I'm wrong but Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI were not burried in a crypt but thrown in mass-graves.

melidasaur  Wednesday Jun 9 01:26 PM


On the 16th of October 1793 Marie Antoinette was led to the guillotine, leaving behind her a touching letter to Madame Elizabeth, known as her "Testament."

She is buried in Saint Denis Basilica, Paris, France next to her husband, King Louis XVI of France.

Pi  Wednesday Jun 9 02:24 PM

Ok, checked it out. They were actually thrown into mass-graves, but in 1815 they were exhumed an burried in Saint-Denis...
My fault.
But actually Louis XVI should be named Roi des Français (king of frenchmen). That was his last title.

melidasaur  Wednesday Jun 9 02:30 PM

a mass grave makes much more sense - the French hated those people!

Pi  Wednesday Jun 9 02:43 PM

Yes, until 1815, when the reign of Bonaparte was over and France became a monarchy again...

OnyxCougar  Tuesday Jun 22 05:53 PM

Stop draggin my heart around....

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