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   Undertoad  Wednesday Apr 14 01:13 PM

4/14/2004: Forehead ads

The price of these people's dignity: $11 an hour. They were amongst 40 people walking around Times Square, badged up like this to promote the Toyota Scion.

full story

Now here's the rub. By showing this image we are also engaged in the guerilla marketing. By discussing the image we are fully and complicitly a part of the whole thing. We accidentally/on purpose promote the Toyota Scion.

But there's one thing Toyota doesn't count on, and that's if we look at it and say it's ridiculous and that reflects on Toyota's complete and utter inability to market their cars.

This is actually the second time that forehead advertising was featured here. last time it was in Britain. Is it interesting to note that this Times Square marketing concept was put on by a Brit firm? (A different one than the first.)

glatt  Wednesday Apr 14 01:41 PM


Toyota Scion.

A fine automobile, by a fine company.

Get yours today!

(OK Toyota, where's my check?)

jinx  Wednesday Apr 14 01:55 PM

People pay to wear sweatshirts with GAP across the front, jeans with Deisel on the pocket, and sneakers with a big ol' Nike swoosh on them. I don't see a big difference here - aside from the paycheck.

tjennings  Wednesday Apr 14 01:59 PM

Perhaps this campaign is a scion of the earlier British advertising campaign.

If nothing else, it's just a scion of the times.

Nothing But Net  Wednesday Apr 14 02:45 PM

Hey, $11/hr isn't bad, what's that, about twice minimum wage?

I make a bit more than that, but bear in mind that I occasionally have to give up my dignity as well.

lumberjim  Wednesday Apr 14 02:48 PM

i bet they'd pay ME $22 an hour


wolf  Wednesday Apr 14 02:57 PM

Looks like we hit the speculation on this back in Feb-03, and had another body ad link just a few months after that.

Stupid though it is, it is a much better deal than US having to pay for a teeshirt with the logo of some business on it ...

(Uh, LJ, I don't mean to malign your teeshirt deal. After all, that's more on the order of getting a premium from your donation to your local PBS affiliate.)

Torrere  Wednesday Apr 14 03:57 PM

They only vaguely discuss 'how to remove the advertisement from your forehead'.

'SCION' might not be a bad permanent attribute, but 'tC $16,465' ???

SteveDallas  Wednesday Apr 14 04:09 PM

Then there's volunteer advertising, free of charge.....

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Apr 14 06:47 PM

They shoud do something more dignified, like flipping burgers or cleaning toilets for half the money.
I guess the next day their forehead says "for rent".

Leah  Wednesday Apr 14 08:01 PM

Found this one:

My husband bought me a mood ring the other day.

You know, the ones that change colour to reflect mood changes.

When I'm in a good mood it turns green.

When I'm in a bad mood, it leaves a red mark on his forehead

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Apr 14 11:42 PM


Leah  Wednesday Apr 14 11:45 PM

Now Bruce don't be like that. You know I'm an

onetrack  Thursday Apr 15 08:59 PM

[quote]Originally posted by xoxoxoBruce
They shoud do something more dignified, like flipping burgers or cleaning toilets for half the money.
I guess the next day their forehead says "for rent".

xoxoxoBruce - Are you for real?? Could you just imagine the looks you'd get, running around Times Square with .. ''THIS SPACE FOR RENT'' on your forehead??
People would instantly mistake you for a politician ...

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Apr 15 10:28 PM


SteveDallas  Saturday Apr 17 07:32 PM

Just wondering...

If forehead space is $11/hr, how much would they pay women to walk around with ads on the seats of their pants?

onetrack  Sunday Apr 18 09:33 PM

That would be priceless ..

Ads located on voluptuous boobs and wiggling female crotches would produce even better results ..

richlevy  Sunday Apr 18 11:07 PM

How much do you think this ad would cost?

richlevy  Sunday Apr 18 11:10 PM

Originally posted by onetrack
That would be priceless ..

Ads located on voluptuous boobs and wiggling female crotches would produce even better results ..
You know I was thinking the same thing. Considering all of the disposable income represented by men in 'gentlemen's clubs', I could imagine some upscale (or lowscale) advertiser sponsoring strippers. It's a logical extension of the 'booth bunnies' at car shows.

They'd probably get a heck of a lot more than $11/hr.

SteveDallas  Monday Apr 19 09:50 AM

Originally posted by onetrack
That would be priceless ..
Well, it occurred to me at the gym... I was on the treadmill and this girl came in in a pair of shorts with the name of her college on the seat... and I immediately thought, "hey, better than forehead space." I'm sure somebody will do it, it's only a matter of time.

chrisinhouston  Thursday Jul 7 10:43 AM

Woman sells forehead for $10,000 to send her son to school

wolf  Thursday Jul 7 10:50 AM

Permanent tattoo. It's not even an artistic tattoo. What a fucking idiot.

She didn't get enough cash ... $10K won't get the kid through one year.

chrisinhouston  Thursday Jul 7 11:03 AM

With a mug like that they paid way too much!

Queen of the Ryche  Thursday Jul 7 11:07 AM

Thank you for saying it so I didn't have to.........

chrisinhouston  Thursday Jul 7 11:16 AM

Hey, check out the website at

There are some links and you can actually watch the video stream of the lady getting tatooed.

They also hit on another popular Cellar IOTD topic, images of the Virgin Mary.

jinx  Thursday Jul 7 11:46 AM

They paid some other woman $15K just to change her name, and $225K for a used Golf. I think forehead girl got ripped off.

onetrack  Friday Jul 8 09:45 AM

Hmmm .. I can see great potential here, for Forehead Gal .. after Golden Palace .. maybe she could run this one ..

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