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   Undertoad  Friday Apr 2 12:27 PM

4/2/2004: Beauty the diving pig

This is the same diving act that started our Friday animal happiness, I think; and IotD has already repeated it once, but it appears to be an annual event. So here she is; her name is Beauty, and she's about 1 and a half years old. She prepares for her leap...

...and she flies through the air... off the three-meter platform...

...and she's made her big splash, and she's done her job at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Happy Friday.

lumberjim  Friday Apr 2 12:30 PM

this is one of jinx's favorite paintings. I wonder if there's a connection?

Beletseri  Friday Apr 2 12:37 PM

Anything to get out of that cage at the top.

I love that poster btw.

linknoid  Friday Apr 2 12:45 PM

I'll believe it when pigs fly...

oh wait...


e unibus plurum  Friday Apr 2 03:23 PM

a tough group for style points:

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Apr 2 06:52 PM

Why is she foaming at the mouth?

wolf  Friday Apr 2 07:54 PM

That's not foam. She's storing oxygen for the dive.

ndetroit  Friday Apr 2 08:20 PM

maybe i'm anthropomorphizing a bit, but man does that ever look like one HAPPY pig... ;D

such a great look of satisfaction as she climbs out of the water..

lumberjim  Friday Apr 2 11:21 PM

Did someone mention flying pigs?

Elspode  Friday Apr 2 11:26 PM

Originally posted by e unibus plurum
a tough group for style points
Rennies are notoriously tough judges. They'll run you out of the Festival for wearing non-period shoes...

Troubleshooter  Friday Apr 2 11:32 PM

Here yah go...

Torrere  Friday Apr 2 11:46 PM

Never discount the possibility of flying pigs until you have a good air defense.
- Raekwin

Sun_Sparkz  Sunday Apr 4 10:56 PM

I went to the Easter Show on Friday it was fantastic !

i bet on the number 4 pig (in the pig races) and came out with an extra $10 dollars in my pocket!!

I saw two diving pigs that day, Beauty, and the bigger older, miss piggy (who wore a skirt round her hind 1/4s!! cute!! .

its the cutest thing to see and they were very well trained!!


Beestie  Sunday Apr 4 11:18 PM

I'm such a moron. I've been reading this thread all along as Beauty the Divine Pig.

I think I have trouble with bolding

funkykule  Monday Apr 5 04:32 PM

Dsylexics of the world untie!

lumberjim  Monday Apr 5 04:36 PM

did anyone notice that my "superpig" is actually "beauty" in disguise?

funkykule  Monday Apr 5 04:44 PM

would you like your medal in brass or burnished tin?!

lumberjim  Monday Apr 5 04:52 PM

What, no "chest to pin it on" choice?

if you're going to be a smart ass, could you at least be original about it?

It took a long time to get rid of that cage.....I was learning a new graphics program, and wanted to see if I could do it.

...sniff snifff.....

mean old funky

funkykule  Tuesday Apr 6 06:33 AM

I'm sort of sorry. I felt mean after posting it...well done on the graphic thingy (you big baby )

BTW my insults are rushed- i don't have time to ponder luxurious put downs!

Tricoloreyes  Wednesday Apr 7 02:24 PM

Beauty the Flying Pig

Nice form. If there was a 3M Diving competition at the Olympics for pigs, she would be in the race for the medals. It appears like she enjoys it to me. A pig with a future that does not include being a side of bacon at a diner. She is a contender.

wolf  Wednesday Apr 7 02:46 PM

She is a pig. She is a young pig.

When she graduates to sow, she may still end up bacon.

Cute now, huge, smelly, and mean tempered within a year or two.

jaguar  Wednesday Apr 7 03:11 PM

Ah but tasting *great*.

dar512  Wednesday Apr 7 11:23 PM

Almost barbecue season. Looks like pork-but and ribs for the smoker to me.

jdbutler  Thursday Apr 8 08:07 AM

Originally posted by xoxoxoBruce
Why is she foaming at the mouth?
Maybe she landed on the elusive muff.

jdbutler  Thursday Apr 8 08:17 AM

[quote]Originally posted by wolf
[b]She is a pig. She is a young pig.

I prefer the term "Horizontally Accessible Adolescent" to young pig!

Griff  Thursday Apr 8 10:22 AM

Originally posted by dar512
Almost barbecue season. Looks like pork-but and ribs for the smoker to me.
I was hoping this thread would move over to food. mmmmmmbbq.

Your reply here?

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