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   xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Aug 11 09:53 PM

Aug 11th, 2018: Lichtenberg Figures

Lightning kills an average of 47 Americans every year, however 90% of the people who suffer strikes survive.
But those people rarely are unscathed, from internal organ damage, just starting to be studied mental damage, to Lichtenberg figures on the skin.
In the worst cases men suffer from (shudder) reduced libido to impotency, probably wishing they hadn’t survived.

For starters, lightning carries between 1 to 10 billion joules of energy — enough to power a 100-watt bulb for at least 3 months. When that amount of electricity enters your body, it short-circuits the small electrical signals that run your heart, lungs, and nervous system.
This can lead to cardiac arrest, seizures, brain injury, spinal cord damage, and even amnesia.

But electricity isn't your only problem. Lightning is blisteringly hot. In under a second, it can heat the surrounding air to temperatures 5X hotter than the sun's surface.
This causes a rapid expansion of air, which leads to a shock wave that we hear as thunder.
It has been calculated that someone standing within 30 feet of a lightning strike point can experience a blast wave equivalent to a 5kg TNT bomb (Blumenthal)
The intense heat, light, and electricity can also damage your eyes. In fact, it can bore holes in your retina and can cause cataracts within days or weeks.
Other side-effects of lightning can include impotence in men and overall decreased libido. That's just what happens on the inside!

As the lightning moves toward the surface, it can force red blood cells out of your capillaries, into your epidermis….like a bruise. These intricate designs are called Lichtenberg figures.
The intense temperatures can also heat up any metal you might be wearing, causing third-degree burns and can also rapidly vaporize the rainwater or sweat on your skin. The resulting steam explosion may blow off your clothes and shoes leaving you nearly naked!
Best find a better way to be hot stuff.




Clodfobble  Saturday Aug 11 10:43 PM

Whoa! That's very cool.

captainhook455  Sunday Aug 12 08:46 AM

I wouldn't have minded lost libido then I wouldn't have married the 2nd time and have to put up with this shit. What is it about women that one day they nice and the next day I want to duck tape her mouth shut.

BigV  Sunday Aug 12 12:10 PM

you're mercurial?

Gravdigr  Tuesday Aug 14 06:08 PM

Originally Posted by captainhook455 View Post
What is it about women that one day they nice and the next day I want to duck tape her mouth shut.
♪ ♫Now I ain't complaining, just try'n to understand♪ ♫
♪ ♫What makes a woman do the things she does.♪ ♫
♪ ♫One day she'll love you, the next day she'll leave you,♪ ♫
♪ ♫Why can't We have it, just the way it used to be?♪ ♫

~Good Loving Gone Bad by Bad Company

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