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Oct 19th, 2018 : Pumpkins

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   xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Oct 25 09:13 PM

Oct 26th, 2016: Bats

Our cute furry little friends...

1-2: Brown Long-eared Bat
3: Lesser Long-eared Bat
4: Lesser False Vampire Bat
5: Big-eared Woolly Bat
6-7: Tomes’s Sword-nosed Bat
8: Mexican Funnel-eared Bat
9: Antillean Ghost-faced Bat
10: Flower-faced Bat
11: Greater Spear-nosed Bat
12: Thumbless Bat
13: Greater Horseshoe Bat
14: Wrinkle-faced Bat
15: Spectral Bat

Clodfobble  Tuesday Oct 25 10:38 PM

"Bats at the Beach" is a great kids' book. One of Minifobette's all-time favorites.

Snakeadelic  Wednesday Oct 26 08:16 AM

It hasn't happened in a couple of years, but it's not that unusual around this time of year to find a bat on the underside of my front porch. I'm in a 2nd-story unit with steel & concrete stairs (fun creepy nighttime clanging noises!), but the actual porch at the top of the stairs is big planks of wood, maybe 8 inches wide and 4 inches deep--I've never measured.

I'm pretty sure we get one of the Myotis species around here, just a little thumb-sized fuzzbomb with wings. Having grown up with my eyeballs glued to books and documentaries about wildlife, I actually know how to rescue a bat, and if we get one this year I'll snag it immediately since we have sweet but heavy-footed folks in the other upstairs unit. Management is awesome--no one has yet, but if they get a call for bat removal from another tenant, instead of having the critter killed and tested for rabies, they'll call me. Typically when I do yoink a bat, I settle it in a small ventilated plastic container that has some wadded-up paper towels in it. To them, the folds of paper towel feel like being in a colony situation, which is comforting. The usual routine is after a couple of hours warming up, they start rustling about and are taken out on the balcony to get their bearings and be on their way. If they don't start rustling after several hours, I call the wildlife rehabilitator, who has always not only complimented my rescue technique but always returns my container (and my glove the year the bat climbed inside and I ditched the entire glove into the box rather than stress the poor li'l guy).

Please always be awesome to bats. We NEED our bats!

And, especially in the Midwestern states now, if you see a bat around your home, check its face as closely as you can! If it appears to have a white "frost" on its face, particularly in late fall or early winter, call your local fish & wildlife or forestry service types IMMEDIATELY. "White Nose Syndrome" is a fungal infection that is harmless to humans but fatal to bat colonies--it spreads from bat to bat like wildfire and messes up their metabolism so they don't hibernate during the winter. Instead they go out in the cold they're not built for and try to hunt bugs that aren't there any more. Many popular tourist caves on the eastern seaboard have had to be closed because of WNS, which likes to travel in dirt on people's shoes . It's moving westward slowly but steadily, just like the frog fungus that has wiped out entire species in parts of the world, just like fire ants, Argentine yellow crazy ants, and Africanized bees are still spreading. Bats still have a chance, but since WNS isn't restricted to a few species or families of bats, they ALL need our help or we'll be up to our knees in crop-eating caterpillars and disease-carrying mosquitos!

Snakeadelic  Wednesday Oct 26 08:19 AM

Also, I see a lot of posts on Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. about what an angry-sounding language German is--"in English, it's a butterfly. In Spanish, it's a mariposa. In German, it's a schmetterling!"

In German, a bat is a fliedermaus (my apologies if I botched the spelling; I don't actually speak or read German), which means 'flutter mouse'. TOO cute.

Sundae  Wednesday Oct 26 08:42 AM

But a hospital in German is Krankenhaus, which you have to admit is funny.

I LOVE bats. Although I have a general affinity for rodents (yes I know they're not technically rodents, but they look like them) and flying creatures anyway.
I've held a pipistrelle bat (bat charity, all officially supervised) and it was so wonderful close-to.

SPUCK  Tuesday Nov 29 02:34 AM

Wow, what fascinating faces they have. It must be entirely related to their ultrasonic echo location facilities. Every single hole, rib, hair, port, and position likely helps the bat with reception, spacial geometry, and signal to noise ratio. I bet you could see a correlation with the physical characteristic of their particular insect food and the design of their 'apparatus'.

Happy Monkey  Tuesday Nov 29 10:56 AM

Several of them really remind me of Chinese dragons.

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Nov 29 11:02 AM

I agree, several of them look like Asian/Indian devils.

Gravdigr  Tuesday Nov 29 03:19 PM

No. 9 looks like one the Indian gods, Vishnu, Shiva, or something.

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