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Philadelphia Pawn Shop
The best real estate agent in Montgomery County
The best T.38 Fax provider
Epps Beverages and Beer, Limerick, PA
Sal's Pizza, Elkins Park
Burholme Auto Body, Philadelphia
Coles Tobacco, Pottstown
ERM Auto Service, Glenside
Glenside Collision
Moorehead Catering, Trappe
Salon 153, Bala
Dominicks Auto Body, Phoenixville

   CaliforniaMama  Sunday Feb 26 09:13 AM

February 26, 2012 - 1000 Doors

South Korean artist Choi Jeong-Hwa created this 10-story art installation made up of 1000 used doors.

From an interview at the Creators Project:

I attended Hongik Art School and started painting there. Around 1986 or 1987, I entered a contest and happened to receive the grand prize—a ticket to Europe. Basically, I made the paintings I thought they’d like in order to enter the contest and travel to Europe. When I returned, I burnt all my drawings and decided to never paint again. I accomplished my goal of winning a trip to Europe, but I was ashamed, and decided that from that point on I would use my work to portray only the things I truly felt. For example, I think construction sites are rough and alive, but I don’t want to paint them because I can’t seem to express those feelings in two dimensions. After I made that realization, I started to pick up things from the street and take photos of them.
Picked up from Colossal

footfootfoot  Sunday Feb 26 10:06 AM

Hey, that's a 2004 Hyundai Sonata in Pearl White right next to that building.

Lamplighter  Sunday Feb 26 10:11 AM

I'll take Door Number 471

classicman  Sunday Feb 26 12:53 PM

Waiting for a windy day ....

Lamplighter  Sunday Feb 26 01:00 PM

Think of all the signs you could hang up inside...

- Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.
- Please, close the door on your way out.
- Watch the first step

and song titles:

- "Open the door, Richard" (this one shows your age)
- "Behind closed doors"
- "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"

Sundae  Sunday Feb 26 01:21 PM

"Come into the garden, Maud"

classicman  Sunday Feb 26 01:27 PM

"knock knock" ...

Lamplighter  Sunday Feb 26 01:32 PM

HungLikeJesus  Sunday Feb 26 01:51 PM

The front door is open...


classicman  Sunday Feb 26 01:53 PM

Which one, dammit?

Lamplighter  Sunday Feb 26 02:04 PM

A whole new manufacturing opportunity...

First came dog doors and cat doors
Now comes bird doors

Griff  Sunday Feb 26 02:17 PM

When God closes a door, there's a fair chance another one opens up.

Lamplighter  Sunday Feb 26 02:27 PM

Originally Posted by Sundae View Post
"Come into the garden, Maud"
I'm almost embarrassed to say I do sort of remember hearing it,
and was surprised to find it on YouTube...

Sundae  Sunday Feb 26 02:41 PM

Originally Posted by HungLikeJesus View Post
The front door is open...
Oh yeah!
Originally Posted by Lamplighter View Post
I'm almost embarrassed to say I do sort of remember hearing it,
You're one up on me, I only knew the poem.

Diaphone Jim  Sunday Feb 26 07:01 PM

This is on the other side:

sexobon  Monday Feb 27 02:19 AM

Think of all the money you could make there with just a bunch of string, pulling teeth.

SPUCK  Monday Feb 27 06:37 AM

Restroom? Yeah buddy take the third door on your right.

Spexxvet  Monday Feb 27 11:44 AM

Which door smells the worst? The odor.

monster  Monday Feb 27 12:02 PM

That'd keep the Mormons and JW's busy

ZenGum  Monday Feb 27 05:56 PM

That guy is obviously unhinged. He just jammed them all together.

classicman  Monday Feb 27 06:19 PM

But knobody really minded.

infinite monkey  Monday Feb 27 06:30 PM

People who need peepholes
Are the luckiest people in the world...

jimhelm  Monday Feb 27 08:11 PM

inspired by Monsters, Inc?

Wombat  Tuesday Feb 28 05:47 PM

Monsters Inc!

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