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   CaliforniaMama  Tuesday Aug 2 09:12 AM

August 2, 2011 Brick Castle Made Of Human Hair

By Augustina Woodgate

Woodgate’s “I Wanted To Be A Princess” series used clumps of hair to create 3,000 bricks, which are stacked to form two Medieval castle sculptures. Debuting at Miami’s Spinello Gallery, one piece, called Tower, stands around four and a half feet tall. Made of tightly bound hair bricks, the piece looks like clay at first glance, with varying shades of brown and grays stacked perfectly together. Blonde hair donors provided the bricking for the windows, and the senior set contributed a band of white hair for the tower’s top.

Woodgate’s other castle structure is called Sandcastle. The hair used in this piece is less structured – a molded top caps a controlled pile of hair below. Its realism is uncanny – the hair strands tangle in a mess that resembles a decaying and crumbling castle, neglected over time.
From inhabitat

Sundae  Tuesday Aug 2 10:20 AM

As a piece of art it is amazing.
As a piece of work it requires dedication.
I admire.

But I dislike the idea that "every girl wants to be a Princess". It was around when I was a child, but luckily we had a serious and stalwart monarch and I realised that being Queen was hard work, and in the end being a Princess simpply got you shredded by the Press. Or killed.

Let your baby girls dress up in finery, but tell them their gown and jewellery is because they are going to a Stockbroker's Ball. Or Dentist/ Doctor/ Roofer/ IT Consultant/ Shrink/ Astronaut/ Prime Minister's Special Reception etc. And not just as a wife or as an accident of birth. Because of their brains. (Don't mention the zombies).

Sorry Cali - totally NOT aimed at you.
Just a bugbear of mine, working with 4-5 year old girls.

CaliforniaMama  Tuesday Aug 2 11:12 AM

Sorry Cali - totally NOT aimed at you.
I didn't take it that way and I totally agree with you.

I was absolutely shocked when my baby girl, after having two older brothers and never being exposed to Disney, decided that the Disney princesses in the store were her most favorite toys. That was a display of Nature over Nurture, that's for sure.

In spite of "you can do anything, you can be anything" messages, she plays the weak female every chance she gets. I am such a complete opposite. It drives me nuts.

Anyway, about the art: I looked all over, but couldn't find out how the hair becomes bricks. Interesting art form.

Sundae  Tuesday Aug 2 11:37 AM

In hindsight I went weak at the knees when Princess Diana spoke to me.
I would have been 10 at the time (she opened a centre in Aylesbury, so I can date it).

Maybe girl-children take a while to grow out of it?

I also had a lot of male friends (who I ran around with and had adventures and built treehouses) who were determined to go into the Army, with no family history of that. More useful than being a Princess, but I as far as I'm aware, none of them did. Although the most determined did more than one stretch in prison as a teen, thereby scuppering his plans. He completely reformed and is now a wonderful Dad of two. Go figure.

Trilby  Tuesday Aug 2 12:57 PM


Princess Diana spoke to you and you don't tell us what she said?!

Sundae! Details! Details!!

Sundae  Tuesday Aug 2 02:23 PM

"Look at all these lovely Brownies come out to meet me."

A Brownie being a mini Girl Guide, not a cakey-comestible.
She was talking about the whole group of us, but she addressed it to me.
Probabaly because we shared a birthday.

She was dressed in Lincoln Green velvet (it WAS the 80's!) with a pillbox hat (see previous brackets). It was raining, but I considered it the best day of my life for at least a year. I got to take a day off of school, and although I loved school it make me feel really special. There were only two? three? girls in my class also chosen, and I squirmed my way to the front. Yay wiry body and bony elbows!

It wasn't even girls from every school. It was assorted Brownies from assorted schools - my sister was also a Brownie and wasn't chosen, neither was my neighbour at a different school. There might have been some sort of quota. I was a goody-goody pupil, but a rather lacklustre Brownie. So I guess the school had more sway than the 9th Aylesbury Pack.

Leus  Tuesday Aug 2 05:05 PM

Re: the original post: yuck.

Trilby  Tuesday Aug 2 06:00 PM

@ Sundae - How very f00king cool!!!!

Did you get any pics?

ZenGum  Wednesday Aug 3 03:07 AM

There's a folly/follicle pun to be made here, but it isn't very funny.

Your reply here?

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